Monday, August 22, 2011

More of the Lastest - Nesting Blackbird Lively, Run For Your Life Shorts, and More

There is a new print out in the Lively Crewneck Tee - the Coal Ground Nesting Blackbird.

This isn't the best photo but it's of the Spin Me Tank in solid Lavender Gray.

Some more photos of the new Spin Me Tank. It comes in Heathered Rocksteady and Heathered Muted Mauve.

New Run For Your Life Shorts in Black. They are longer and have a wider leg opening. They come in Black, Black Peacock Lace Print, Magnum, and Royalty.

New Universal Wrap in Heathered Ivory.

New Speedy Run Hat in Rocksteady Blue. Like it, but not sure I will get it just yet. The Dewberry one is in loot for $19 now.

New Stripes in Muted Mauve Stripes Galor

Coal Grooves with Muted Mauve Stripes Galore and Raspberry
Rocksteady Stripes Galore Astro Waistband
Black Denim Luon - LOVE!

NEW! Sequence Pant

Shown with the Embrace Tank

Shown with the Embrace Tank

Shown with the Royalty Embrace Tank
These new Sequence pants are super cute. I love the rear pockets. They are high rise and one store said the fit is supposed to be like last year's Tadasana pant. They come in Black, Heathered Coal, and Black Denim.

NEW Scoop Neck Colors - Lavender Gray and Heathered Muted Mauve

Lavender Gray is just a gorgeous color. I think this color in the scoop neck will wash me out if I have too much skin showing but I wouldn't mind seeing it in some sort of long sleeve top where it frames my face.

The other new Scoop Neck tank to come out this week is  one in Heathered Muted Mauve / Muted Mauve Stripes.

NEW! Back To Class French Terry Jacket

Shown with Run For Your Life Shorts

Shown with the Coal Shale Energy Skirt
New French Terry Back to Class Jacket. I've only seen product alerts mention the black color so not sure of what else it's available in. I'll post once I know more. It's cute but not compelling enough for me to shell out $100+.

More Photos of the New Embrace Tank

Shown with the new Sequence Pant

The new Embrace Tank is super cute but the neck opening is so wide it only looks good on a few body types. I think some of the ladies in the photos I've seen need to tighten the straps a bit so the neckline isn't so open but this tank seems to be built more for club wear than gym wear. It's made of luxtreme on the top and luon light on the bottom, in sizes 2-10. It comes in Coal, Black, Deweberry, and Royalty.

NEW! Full Tilt SS Running Luon Shirt. Huh?

Full Tilt SS in Heathered Lavender shown with Royalty Run For Your Life Shorts

Circle Mesh armpit

Hidden Interior Pocket

Shown with the new Rocksteady Speedy Run Cap

So, lulu has come out with a short sleeve running luon shirt. I don't know what I would use this for. I associate running luon with colder weather and long sleeves. It looks cute enough but I'd probably perfer this top in a solid color. I also would prefer a lower price. It comes in Heathered Black, Heathered Rocksteady, and Heathered Lavender Gray.

The Latest Arrivals - New Scubas: Heathered Raspberry & Sidewalk/Silver

Show with new Lulu Pant II bottoms
A couple of stores identified this Scuba as Heathered Rose Petal but most are calling it Heathered Raspberry. Whatever. It's very pretty. The interior is lavender gray.

The product alert email photos of the Sidewalk/Silver Scuba. I was hoping it was a solid colored scuba but it's another wee stripe version.