Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEW! Get Fit Tank, Happy Heart Long Sleeve, Clear Sky SFT and More

New style tank called the Get Fit tank in Rocksteady. It looks like they are paired with shorts or a skirt in the Coal Shale pattern in Royalty. I would say this tanks looks like it might be made of luxtreme (possibly, luon light) with circle mesh. I hope there is reinforcing elastic in the straps for extra support but I'm thinking there isn't. I'll try it on but I think it probably won't be supportive enough.

Another oversize top called the Happy Heart Long Sleeve. The back panel is made of tencel. I don't know why lululemon persists in using this fabric. It wrinkles too easily. I would say you might want to try sizing down so it isn't so billowy but the sleeves look too snug (what is lululemon's obsession with tight sleeves?)  to be able to do that. Pass.

A new Sing Floss Travel jacket in Clear Sky Blue. It's very pretty. I am reading there are supposed to be SFT jackets coming in the modal fabric. Now those I will have to try.

New headbands. I hope the bright pink one that looks a lot like fruity tootie means some bright pinks are headed our way. I suppose it could be raspberry, though. We'll have to see.

I can't remember, is this new? This is the Destiny Duffle. I've got to say the duffle is probably my favorite shape for a gym bag.

New Markdowns on Website

Some new Loot was uploaded late last night. Nothing I really want but there are quite a few crops on markdown.