Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New! Magnum Denim, Royalty Turbo, Coal Shale Stripe Print, and More

We have an auntie visiting us from the east coast so tomorrow we are hitting Magic Mountain. I am hoping that the upload is done early but if it's not I will try to follow it from my phone. I don't know that I am really looking for anything but you never know when a surprise will hit. It's probably better than I don't really want anything because I've spent a small fortune this week on new clothes and supplies for school. Little boys are murder on the knees of their pants.

Another vest special edition Scuba. This color is Pigeon Gray/Nesting Bird. I would think this is probably Pigeon Gray Dip Dye.

New Speed Shorts in Coal Shale Stripe.

A solid Royalty Turbo tank is just arriving in  stores.

There are new Wunder Unders in Magnum Denim. Denim luon is such a fun change up for workout wear. I think it tends to fit a touch snugger than regular. (At least it feels snugger, I think it may not be as stretchy)

I didn't really realize it until I saw the caption but this is a Define in Heathered Wren. I already have a Wren Denim Define so no need for this one.

A photo of the Modern Racer in Heathered Ghost. It looks kind of see-through in this photo.