Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Rocksteady Stripes Galore and Photos of the Latest (Run For Your Life Pullover, Modal and More)

Soooo, check it out - a new color/pattern - Rocksteady Stripes Galore. It's the bottom band in these Biker Groove Shorts. (Click on the photo to enlarge). The other color is Heathered Rocksteady. I wonder if there will be a Power Y or other tanks in Rocksteady Stripes Galore. I could totally be into that.

A photo of the new Defines in Royalty Space Dye and Magnum Space Dye with Wren. Here are the web photos of the Magnum SD one:

This girl makes me want to get a Run For Your Life Pullover. She wears it really well.

This photo (of the same girl!) makes me want to get the Heathered Wren Modern Racer. I need to see this color in person because it's gorgeous here.

Relaxed Fit pant in Modal. I'm going to have to try these on. I hear they are super soft but I don't think they will look very good on me.

A black/ghost vest SE Scuba.

The black Run For Your Life Pullover

Web photo of the Heathered Dewberry Vinyasa Scarf