Monday, August 8, 2011

More Photos of the Latest

Solid Dewberry Turbo Tank.

The Black Stripes Galore coordinating pieces. Love them together.

The Black SE CRB (get this, the price is $48!) and the modal Relaxed Fit pants. If any pant gives you a mom-butt, I'd vote it's the Relaxed Fits (not in this photo, but in general).

I was right - it is the nest print in the hood/trim.

Camel Cargo pant - rear detail. I think you have to have a pretty awesome tush/slim thighs to pull these off but if you do, they look great.

A close up of the back of the Be Me Tee.

Dewberry Run For Your Life Pullover and Turbo Tank and More New Things

Ok, I'm not a fan of the non-zip asymmetrical neck but I like the Run For Your Life Pullover in this color a lot. Too much. I'll have to try this on although I think the neckline makes busty people look even wider up top. Like, line backer wide but I'll give it a try.

 Here is a photo of the solid Dewberry Turbo tank. The bra is dewberry, too, not black like I speculated yesterday. I would think there is a good chance we'd see a solid Royalty Turbo tank, too. It's pretty but looked awful on me so a pass.

New Special Edition Vest Scuba in Black. I think the print is the squiggly nesting black bird print but I can't be sure.

I didn't realize the Be Me Tee is so much longer in the back than the front. Another shirt with a tail. I'm not really getting all the "tails" in the designs lately.

I think I'm going to have to try these on when they get to my store. All the photos I've seen make the Method pants look so cute.

Photos of the new Run For Your Life Skirt in Snowy Owl

The Latest Arrivals - SE CRB, Be Me Tent, Modal Relaxed Fit Pants, Modern Racers, Vinyasa Scarves and More

The new Be Me Tee (maybe they should have called it a Tent instead of a Tee). It's called a tee but it's made of a cashmere / bamboo blend but the back panel is made of tencel. In Heathered Dewberry and Black and is $78. This is a big pass for me but might work for expecting moms since its very roomy.

 New Special Edition CRB with a tiny mesh back panel and gathers. I really like this. I am hoping it comes in other colors than black but the black is pretty nice. This is on my maybe list. It's made of regular luon light.

The new Run For Your Life Pullover is here. I'm not a huge fan of luxtreme pullovers (too shiny, too slippery, not warm enough) and I definitely prefer a zipped neckline to control cooling but the Royalty is pretty. I like my pullovers to double as street wear and this one is too sporty for me. It's $99 and comes in Royalty, Magnum, and Black.

I wasn't digging the first few photos I saw of people wearing the Method pant but I've seen some better ones now and I kind of like them. They come with a Dewberry and a black belt.

Wren Denim Camel Cargo pant with the Heathered Wren MRB

Black Denim Camel Cargo Pant

The new Camel Cargo pants are pretty cute. The come in heathered black, Black Denim and Wren Denim.

Some photos of the new Modal fabric Relaxed Fit Pants and Crops. They come in Heathed Mudra and heathered Black. I'm sure they are very soft and comfy but don't expect luon-like spanx and cellulite-smoothing properties out of this fabric. You will trade off comfort for having all your secrets revealed.

Some close ups of the new Take Flight Jacket. I've read the price on this is a bank-draining $179!!! Now that I see some photos of it, it looks a bit futuristic. I wonder if has a bit of insulation for that price. The Outward Bound jacket price was up in this price range but it has some insulation and was super pretty. I stupidly passed on it but it was gorgeous. I don't think this is as gorgeous.

Photo of the new Modern Racers. The top is in Heathered Dewberry and the bottom is in Heathered Wren.

Two of the new Vinyasa scarves in Heathered Dewberry and Heathered Coal. It also comes in black.

Photo of the new black SE CRB with mesh and a Run For Your Life Skirt in Royalty.

There is a new Dance Studio Jacket out in  Royalty. I wonder if pants and crops are coming in the same color?

New color bands in the Reverse Groove Shorts. I love the grays/blacks band (Quilt 16).

The new Right As Rain Jacket has hit Canada (not sure about the US). It comes in Wren, Black, and Coal.