Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New! Method Pants, Wrec Crew, and More

This showed up in one of my product alerts. It's a bit dark but it's a photo of a well-endowed woman sporting the Run: For Your Life tank.

I didn't see the Black Stripes Galore Power Y at the store today but I did buy the headband in this pattern. It's Black Space Dye alternated with either Heathered Black or Heathered Coal, I can't tell which. Now that I've seen it up close, I don't think I want this Power Y anymore. I don't care for the pinkish tones in Black Space Dye.

This is a photo of the new Dewberry / Mauve Wee Stripe Ta Ta Ta that's hitting stores. I saw this today.

There is a new pant, the Method Pant, hitting stores. The length is kind of awkward, similar to the flood-length Stance Pant.

New Biker Groove waistband colors in Dewberry Space Dye/Black Space Dye and Ghost/Magnum Space Dye. I saw these today and I've decided I have to pick up a third pair. These have become my favorite short crops/long shorts to work out in this summer. I use them for everything - spin, elliptical, weight lifting, walks. I am 5' 5" and don't have long legs so they hit me right at the top of my knee. I had contemplated buying the shorter Astro crops for summer workouts but I prefer the waistband of the Grooves (holds in poochy tummys with no muffin top) and find the seaming down the back of the leg and rear slimming (Astros don't have any seaming). The material seems lighter than my other luon crops and reminds me of the weight of Wunder Unders. The best thing about Grooves are they are reversible so you can have colors to match a tank one day and then turn them inside out to black for another.

I was bummed my stores didn't have this top (Silver Bullet LS) for me to try on. I read that they are $78. It's very cute but I have two long sleeve Swiftlys that I wear sparingly, so I'm not sure I can really use this one. This is a pretty color, though. I'd buy another Run: For Your Life tank if it came out in Heathered Raspberry.

 A photo of the Rocksteady Stripe Scuba.

 I like this new men's sweatshirt - the Wrec Crew. This striped one is very eye-catching.

I took a good look at the Triumph Tote today. It has a bajillion pockets. It's a very cute bag.

Try On Report - Silver Bullet & Warrior 1 Tanks

I tried on the Silver Bullet tank in Magnum and Dewberry today and like many people have said, this is a tank you should probably size down in. I even tried two sizes down to see how it looked. The whole tank is very loose fitting, particularly through the back and I don't have a broad back. The neck and armpits dip a bit low. I found the tank too boxy for my tastes. If I didn't have three Energy SL tanks in my closet, I might consider getting this since they are both very similar - loose fitting, breathable tanks that you wear your own bra under - but I do so these are an easy pass for me. The only color I really liked in this tank was the Dewberry, the other colors are kind of dull. If I spot a Dewberry Silver Bullet on the markdown rack I might get it.

I tried on a black Warrior 1 tank. It only goes to a ten so I was squishing out the sides and top of the tank. The black seemed to be make of power luxtreme all over but it could be the black luxtreme runs a bit thicker. I like the tank a lot and the multiple straps seem very supportive, if a little complicated to take off. All in all, it's a decent, supportive, not overly-revealing tank and I wish they had make it in a twelve.

Fit/First Wearing Report - Run: For Your Life Tank

I got my Heathered Royalty Run: For Your Life tank today (from now on referred to as the RFYL). I didn't realize there is a little lulu symbol charm on the loop of the cinch cord. It's kind of a cute touch. I also didn't realize this tank doesn't have an ipod pocket. It's not a big deal for me. I have a nano touch that I clip on my neckline or shoulder strap but I know some people like them a lot, my husband for one. One thing that is cool about this tank that is not noted in the product features is that the straps have big 1.5" elastic inside them like the Push UR Limits and the luxtreme Deep Breath tanks so it's more supportive than the typical tank. I think I might be able to get away with just the built in bra for my moderate-cardio workouts. I wish lulu would add interior elastic to all its straps so that I didn't have to double up on bras so much. This tank definitely runs true to size. I tried sizing down in the store but the bra is a bit tighter and I squished out of the armpits a bit and the tunic part was a bit too snug. The attached bra portion feels a lot like the Energy bra - super comfortable and not too revealing in the front, showing a touch of cleavage. The straps also stay in place really well. I was worried a bit about this since I have narrow shoulders. I went on a quick half hour walk this evening in the tank and it was super comfortable. I plan to wear it to spin class on Friday to give it a real workout but it was great for my walk. It was in the lower 80s when I was walking and the material didn't feel super breezy in the night air but I didn't get heated at all on my walk during the hill portions. It will be interesting to see how this material compares to silverescent circle mesh in spin. This tank strikes me as a sporty version of a No Limit or Let It Loose tank. It's got the same bra-with-a-curtain (as my husband calls those other tanks) look going on but the RFYL is a high impact version that offers more support. The bare back is sexy and great for keeping cool. The front is a bit on the shapeless side but I think it follows your curves better than the Silver Bullet SL tanks, not as good as the Energy SL but not bad. Depending on how it works for spin I might consider getting another one. I'm glad I ordered the Heathered Royalty from the website. I tried on the black and the coal at the store today and those colors were a bit dull. If this shows up in Dewberry I might get another one.

Lulu is featuring the Royalty Run: For Your Life tank on their website

New Short Sleeve Tech Tee Coming?

I need to do a better job of poking around the Lululemon website and reading their blog. You never know what kind of gems you turn up. This looks like a new short sleeve tech tee made with the same material as the Silver Bullet and Run For Your Life Tanks. I can't wait until this is released.

The Latest Arrivals

New Power Y in Ghost and Snowy Owl Speed Shorts. I love the Ghost Power Y but I woudn't be able to keep it clean.

New Wunderlust Rucksack in the Snowy Owl Print - very eye-catching!

I heard my local stores have the new Silver Bullet long sleeves in so I am hoping to give them a try tomorrow.

The new Dash II tanks are coming in Heathered Dewberry, Heathered Royalty, Heathered Magnum, and Static Black.

The newest Groove pants. The one on the left is Black Snowy Owl. I saw this over the weekend. The one on the right is a super cute reflective one - black reflective bird feet  but I don't know the name.

 The Heathered Dewberry Silver Bullet tank looks dark here - I love the color in this photo.

 I thought it was funny they found a horse to pose the Riding Jacket with. See, it is authentic! (Except that horse is harnessed to pull something, not ride.  ;-)  )

 The front pocket of the Triumph Tote. Looks like it has a ton of pockets. Can never have enough as far as I am concerned.

 Dewberry Spray Dye Speed Skirt.

 Royalty Speed Skirt

 Dewberry Spray Dye Speed Shorts.

The Run For Your Life Tank with a Free To Be Bra layers underneath. Paired with the RFYL crops.

NEW! Black Stripes Galore Power Y and Headband

I think I am going to have to get this Power Y. It reminds me a lot of Coal Strata Stripe. I am accumulating a large collection of black-based Power Ys - Seabed print, Heathered Black, Black Wee Stripe but I wear them all the time and they look so nice with black pants. I am planning on hitting the stores tomorrow so I hope they have this. I'm not sure if I got this photo from a US store or not. If not, I'll get it if it's uploaded.

Coal Strata Stripe Power Y

NEW! Scuba Colors - Rocksteady Stripe, Heathered Wren, Heathered Ivory

LOVE this! - Rocksteady Gradient Wee Stripe Scuba

New Scuba colors are out. On top is the Rocksteady Gradient Wee Stripe Scuba. It reminds me a little of the Wish Blue Multi Poncho Stripe I bought last year. I am very tempted to get it but there are a few other new things that popped up today that I also like. I hate when this happens! The middle photo is a new Heathered Wren Scuba and the bottom is Heathred Ivory, which is also tempting. The Heathered Wren and Ivory have a little embroidery on them:

I don't know if this will jack the price up another $15 or so but I wouldn't be surprised. Some of my product alerts also mentioned a Royalty Scuba but provided no photos. The solid Royalty is super pretty.

Royalty Scuba

Another look at Heathered Wren and Heathered Ivory up close:

It looks like the Heathered Ivory has a metal zipper and the Heathered Wren has a plastic but it could be painted metal.  Boo for metal zippers. Imuch prefer plastic.