Monday, August 1, 2011

Aussie Heads Up - Colors

An Australian reader pointed this out to me (thanks, Eri), there is a new Ta Ta Tamer coming out in Dewberry Wee Stripe / Muted Mauve. I am curious to see what Muted Mauve looks like. The last time there was a mauve out was three or four years ago when I first started buying Lululemon.

Blue Sky is the light blue

A non-Aussie headsup - a Canadian PN I just got had a Skinny Satin Pirouette headband coming in Blue Sky. That is the lighter color used in the Wrap Tank. It reminds me a lot of Haze. I look forward to seeing new tanks in this color.

More of the Latest

Riding Jacket and Snowy Owl Wunder Unders - the jacket looks super cute on this girl.

Photos of the new Triumph Tote

Dewberry Om scarf

New Wunder Unders - Snowy Owl and Heathered Black

Run For Your Life Tank and Inspire Crops

Dash Tank and Silver Bullet Tank

Close Up of the Reflective Print on the Silver Bullet Tank

The Latest - Silver Bullet, Run For Your Life, Warrior 1

Some good photos to illustrate how large the "tail" is on the new Riding Jacket.

Some photos of the new Silver Bullet LS top. I wonder if this top runs snug or she sized down.  This material has a tendency to cling so if it runs snug that's not going to work for me. I think it's arriving at my local stores this week so I should be able to try it on in a couple of days.

Raspberry Silver Bullet LS and the Run For Your Life SL tank
Some different fits on the Silver Bullet SL Tech tank. I really have no idea how this will look on me but I suspect it's going to get hung up on my hips and is not going to work.

More photos of the Run For Your Life Tank.

The Warrior 1 tank is arriving in stores. It looks flattering in nearly every photo I've seen of it.

NEW! Burnout OM Scarf

New Burnout Om Scarf - comes in Dewberry, Surge, and White.  I remember something similar to this coming out last year (or what it two years ago?). These are cute.

Clue About Potential New Colors

I forgot to write that I saw the latest set of hair ties in the store yesterday. The colors were Royalty, Dewberry, Coal or maybe Magnum (it was a gray), Rapsberry, Surge and what looked like Electric Orange or Tang Light. Hair ties are often a good clue as to upcoming colors.

Kiwi Heads Up and Today's Shopping Trip

A really nice set of photos of the Run For Your Life Pullover. I think this is Magnum. Only Australia and New Zealand have this but it will be coming our way soon.

I was hoping to find them but none of my local stores have the new Silver Bullet and Run For Your Life tanks yet. I think they are coming in this week, hopefully on Monday or Tuesday. Instead, I went bargain hunting on the markdown racks at a couple of my local stores. All my local stores have fairly healthy racks. I struck pay dirt at one and got a Grapeseed Energy bra for $34 (it seems like certain colors of the Energy are on sale) and another pair of Biker Groove in the Unicorn Tears print (they reverse to all black) also for $34 (older colors are on markdown). I already have black and pink mist Energy bras but this has become my favorite lululemon bra to layer underneath other tanks. I also have been wearing my Biker Groove shorts a lot in the warmer weather so I was hoping to find another pair in my size on markdown. I almost bought the Paradise Rashguard in black, it was on a good markdown, but it was really tight and I wasn't keen about wearing a long sleeve black shirt in hot weather. I would much prefer a short sleeve or sleeveless rashguard to protect my back and chest. I also picked up my husband a couple of pairs of shorts at another store. I got a pair of Core Shorts for $39 and a pair of his favorite Run Response shorts for $49. Finding markdown on men's stuff has been very tough for a long time so I am happy I found a couple of bargains.