Wednesday, July 27, 2011

NEW! Destiny Duffle

Another new bag called the Destiny Duffle. This one looks huge.

NEW! Triumph Tote

New tote called the Triumph Tote. I love all the pockets. It comes in black peacock lace print and magnum nesting black bird. It's showing up in US Showrooms but I'm sure it will be at stores soon.

 Looks like it's also going to come in Dewberry.

NEW Tank - The Run: Silver Bullet

This showed up in a product alert for a showroom so there isn't any info on it. I wonder if it's made from Luxtreme. As soon as I find more info I will post. It also comes in a grayish color, probably coal or magnum.

Still Pants Being Discontinued

Gisele Bundchen in Be Still Pants
Still Pants used in an episode of Castle
 I'm reading from multiple people that Still Pants are being discontinued. I know many people love these for lounging or casual wear. I definitely do - I have six pairs. I hope they are going to be replaced with something equivalent like the Be Stills (more fitted thigh, slight flare at the bottom, squared pockets). If you hate the thought of Stills going away, please be sure to email Lululemon. That is how popular items get brought back.

Here is a great comparison photo of the Still pants, left, and Be Still pants, right.

Review - Retro Groove Perforated Gym Bag

I recently got one of the Retro Groove Perforated Gym Bags that are in markdown in stores and on line and took it to the gym today. I never really checked these out too closely in the store since I wasn't in the market for a new (full price) gym bag. However, when one turns up for a good sale, I'll get one. I can see why these bags didn't sell that well. For a Lululemon gym bag, it doesn't have a ton of pockets. It has three small interior pockets - one mesh zipper and two pouch pockets. The pouch pockets are supposed to be for your iPod and your cell phone. However, the phone pocket isn't wide enough to accommodate my iPhone in its case. There is a zipper pocket in the bottom of the bag that you can store shoes and wet things in. I put my spin shoes in there since I always carry them in case I decide to make spinning my cardio for the day.

There is a decent sized exterior pocket at the top of the lulu symbol. I stashed my water bottle in that pocket on the way to the gym and then my keys and cell phone while I was at the gym.

The Retro Groove also comes with a small pouch to store wet items. This is quite a bit smaller than the ones that came with my other lulu gym bags. This can hold one hand towel.

The gym bag comes with a padded shoulder strap but the carry handle is long enough to loop over your shoulder which is how I carried it today. The opening of the bag is nice and wide and has two zipper pulls to aid in closure. It's a decent size. I stashed my spin shoes, two hand towels, my ipod, heart rate monitor strap, wallet, sunglasses cases, toiletries, and a paperback in it with no problem. There are little protective feet on the bottom to keep it off the ground. All in all, it's a decent gym bag, especially at a sale price but I wish it had a couple more pockets on the inside. As an example, my Get Set Go Duffle has nine interior pockets (two zippered) of various sizes, a large wet/dry pouch, and three small exterior pockets (one zippered). I'll admit it almost has too many pockets since I often have to check every pocket for my tiny nano but a couple more on the Retro Groove would be nice.

Get Set Go Duffle - White Sublimation Print

Photos of the Latest - Dewberry Wee Stripe Scuba and More

A couple of photos of the Heathered Dewberry Define Jacket. It doesn't look like there is a ton of new stuff showing up this week so far. I'm hoping there will be some surprises in this week's upload. I did read new colors are supposed to appear in August.

I have to apologize for being way behind in responding to blog comments and, most especially, email. Rest assured it's not you, it's me. I don't have a set schedule for the summer so we are in and out of the house a lot. I have to make some time to sit down and tackle it all so please forgive me.

It's interesting how different the Dewberry Wee Stripe Scuba looks far away and close up.

The Royalty Stride shown with the Royalty CRB underneath.

The triple waistband Grooves shown with the coordinating Define Jacket and Heathered Royalty CRB. It's kind of rare to see the triple Grooves modeled on a person.

I got a new toy in the mail today. It's a Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor. I first got a very basic Polar F4 heart rate monitor when I started taking spin classes and felt like my heart was beating in my throat during the heavy climbs. I was afraid I was going to give myself a heart attack. I also was curious to know how many calories I was burning. I soon got hooked on knowing all my data and now this is heart rate monitor #3 for me, although it's my first girly pink one. The FT60 has a training program and my husband has used his for the past six month to help him shed 75+ pounds and improved his fitness from poor to elite. He recently completed the couch to 5K training is now talking about doing the LA Marathon next year. Although I go to the gym a fair amount, I don't think I've been exercising in the right zones to improve my overall fitness so I'm hoping getting the training heart rate monitor will set me on the right path. It's kind of cute, it gives you a trophy at the end of the week when you complete the required number of minutes in the various zones.