Friday, July 22, 2011

FYI - The Difference Between Static and Heathered Prints

From the Lululemon website: The 'static' prints look much like the static you would see on your TV screen - pixelated dots of dark and light colour. The 'heathered' prints look more like a paintbrush was dragged over the colour, creating lines of dark and light rather than dots.

Photos of the Latest - Magnum Dance Studio Crops and Wren Wee Stripe Scuba

Magnum Dance Studio Crops and Royalty Lively Crewneck Tee
New Dance Studio Crops in Magnum. I think the green wall in the background are influencing the color in the photos. The small inset photo of the pocket in the top photo looks like the true color.

Some good detail photos of the new Wren Wee Stripe Scuba.

NEW! Breezy Bow Tee and Photos of the Latest

New Breezy Bow Tee in Heathered Charcoal and Black. Not sure I like the giant bow but the back is kind of cute.

Photo of the Heathered Royalty luxtreme CRB and close ups of the Heathered Pigeon on Heathered Royalty luxtreme CRBs.

Royalty Space Dye Power Y. I am going to have to try this on.

The bright sunlight makes it hard to see but these are supposed to be black long sleeve Swiftlys.

A black Universal Wrap

OT: Ivivva On-Line Store Starting August 15th

There will an Ivivva on-line store staring August 15th. I think it is Canadian only, right now. I believe the sizes go up to a girls 14 which is somewhat equivalent to the women's 6. Ivivva has lots of cute headbands and other accessories, though. I need to line up my Canadian mail-buddies.  ;-)