Thursday, July 21, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Royalty Cabin Longsleeve and More

New Cabin Longsleeve in Royalty/Heathered Gray. I have a Cabin Longsleeve in black that I love but it's starting to pill between the layers so I'm not going to get another one. I expect better for $68.

Weightless Split Shorts in Surge and Dewberry. I'm reading lots of good things about them. It looks like the price has been lowered to $54.  Drats! It looks like the price is back up to $68 now. That's the price on the website and people have said that's what they are ringing up in the stores in spite of the $68 price tag. I don't know if the store pricing has been fixed but I'd bet it has. Sorry, everyone.

Close up photo of the Dewberry Wee Stripe Scuba. The zipper pull is super cute.

The product alert photo for the Royalty Space Dye Power Y.

Another photo of the Run For Your Life Pullover in Royalty.

I like this outfit. The feather detail at the bottom of the crops plays off the Feather print CRB.

The Dewberry Stride is super pretty.

NEW! Women's Speedy Run Hat

A new hat, the Speedy Run Hat. This looks like it's in Dewberry. I already have a Potion Hat but I'd be interested in other colors, like Royalty or Rocksteady or maybe a new black hat. I hope the zip pull isn't too noticeable on top, it looks kind of large. Update: The price of the new hat is reported to be $32.

Aussie and HK Heads Up - Royalty Space Dye

Heads up from Hong Kong - the Royalty Space Dye Define Jacket.

From Australia - the Royalty Space Dye Power Y. Also shown is the new Magnum Stride Jacket.

 Matching Groove pants in Royalty/Royalty Space Dye

 Another photo of the Run For Your Life Pullover in Royalty.

I think I posted a photo of this a week or two ago - the Right as Rain Jacket.

Photo of the Heathered Royalty CRB (updated)

Static Wish Blue (left, luon light) and Heathered Royalty luxtreme, right.

Photo of the new luxtreme Heathered Royalty Cool Racerback. This is made of the pearl luxtreme so it will have a bit of a sheen. I ended up ordering the Heathered Pigeon CRB this morning. It will be interesting to see what other luxtreme CRBs and Power Ys are released.