Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Photos of the Latest - Universal Wrap, Run For Your Life Pullover, Wren Space Dye, and More of the Latest

Photo of the new Luxtreme Heathered Black Power Y. I really like mine but it does show sweat very obviously. I hope they have some other luxtreme Power Ys coming.

New Universal Wrap in Dewberry, Black, and Coal. It's made from a Rayon Cashmere blend. Sizes 2-10.

New Stride Jackets in Dewberry and Magnum.

From an Australian product alert, a new Run For Your Life Pullover.

Turbo Tank in Heathered Coal.

New Wunder Unders in Wren Space Dye. I think I might have identified these in an earlier post as Magnum Space Dye.

New Stride Jacket in Wren Space Dye

New Scuba in Wren Wee Stripe and Dewberry Wee Stripe

Method Wrap in Heathered Royalty (I think)

A photo showing how the silicone design on the Acro crops helps in inverted posts.

A photo showing a comparison of Sprinkler on the left and Rocksteady on the right.

NEW CRB Colors Coming - Heathered Royalty and Heahtered Ghost - UPDATED with Photos

Update - I have a photo. The new tanks are luxtreme. The Royalty looks a lot like my Static Wish from last year but if it's luxtreme I might have to get it. (Thanks to Q. for the pic)

I was out all day yesterday so I'm still going through product notices and photos to post but one new item caught my eye - there are some new colors of CRBs coming. The new colors are Heathered Royalty and Heathered Ghost. As soon as I have some photos I'll post them.