Sunday, July 17, 2011

Today's Shopping Trip - Peacock Print WUs, Luxtreme Power Y, and More

Peacock Feather Print Wunder Unders

My store got a big shipment in this weekend so I went to try some of the new goodies. It turns out that the new Peacock Feather print Wunder Unders are an embossed print. I know some people were concerned that these print Wunder Unders might be made of a high polyester content luon like the camo print ones but they are the regular luon nylon/lycra blend with the feather print embossed on top. It's very subtle and I didn't even realize the pants had a print on them when I saw them hanging up until I was very close to them. I love the subtlety of embossed prints.

I tried on the new Peacock Feather Print CRB but I didn't love it. This is not an embossed print on luon light but one that is woven into the fabric and has a 94% polyester 6% lycra blend. The base color of this tank is coal which isn't one of my favorite colors to wear against my face so I'll pass on this print and hope that is comes in another color. I also tried the Ghost Snowy Owl CRB. The fabric content is the same as the feather print CRB but felt a bit thinner and rougher against my skin than the feather print. It was also a pass for me because of the dull colors that tend to wash me out.

I tried on the new Weightless Singlet. My store only had them up to a size ten so I think it may not come in a twelve. The fabric was very weightless feeling but I've read reviews that say it doesn't wick sweat well and can feel a bit clammy. I'm a major sweater when I exercise so that isn't going to work for me. Even though I tried on the ten it fit fine in the chest and didn't have the puckers at the armpit that we've seen in some photos. It's made of 86% recycled polyester and 14% spandex. If I find one on sale, I might give it a try but at $58 plus tax I don't want to take a chance on something I don't love in the dressing room.

I tried on the new Heathered Pigeon CRB made of pearl luxtreme (fabric content 54% nylon, 34% polyester, 12% lycra). My store didn't have the twelve so I tried on the ten. This light colored luxtreme with a sheen was too revealing of all my lumps and bumps so I passed on it. However, I might have tried harder to track down the twelve had I not spotted this baby:

It's a Power Y made of luxtreme in Heathered Black. I have been hoping for a luxtreme Power Y for awhile. Years ago lulu offered the very similar Ujjayi tank in lulutallic (a shimmery metallic-look luxtreme-type fabric) but that was before I started buying Power Ys. I really liked the luxtreme Zoom Singlet from last summer, which is essentially a Power Y without the built in bra. I thought the built in bra in the luxtreme Power Y  felt a bit looser than a normal Power Y. I plan to layer another bra underneath this tank for the gym so a looser built in bra works for me. The only bummer about this color is that I just bought the Black Wee Stripe Power Y. I also have a Static Black CRB so I am accumulating a lot of tanks in this color. I do like black patterns and prints so it's not a major hardship.

Static Charcoal (STCH) luon on left, Heathered Black luxtreme on right.
I happened to wear my Static Charcoal Still pants shopping so here is a comparison of Static Black to Heathered Black.

Black Wee Stripe luon on left, Heathered Black Luxtreme on Right
The store still had the Black Wee Stripe Power Y in stock so here is a comparison of the two colors. From a distance they look very similar. However, I bought the luxtreme version because of the light weight wicking material. I love wearing luxtreme for hot summer workouts.

Lululemon is starting to play with the colors of their logo stickers again. It used to be they had colored logos on some of their clothes that blended in to the fabric and didn't stand out like a beacon. I angled the fabric so you can see the symbol in this photo but in real life it's pretty tough to pick out. I kind of like that the symbol is on the down low.

I tried on the new Bulerias tank and I take back every bad thought I had and word I wrote when I first saw they were coming back. The new tank is pretty freaking awesome. The bra portion has been enlarged and deepened so it accommodates larger busts easily. I tried on the ten since this tank doesn't go to a twelve and it covered my DD chest just fine - no squishing out, no hanging out the front. The earlier version was too low cut but this will handle ample chests just fine. The luon light fabric in the bottom portion didn't poof out either. It's a wonderful update. I really liked the Magnum Space Dye version above but the straps are not supportive enough for me to work out in this tank. I'd have to layer another bra underneath. In an earlier life I would have bought this for a casual wear tank but I learned my lesson with the Fouette tank. I bought that for casual wear but ended up selling it because I never wore it.

I also tried on the Take Flight Pullover and was very tempted to get it. It feels slightly thicker than a long sleeve swiftly top. I had read reviews that said this top fit smaller than a Swiftly but I think it fit on the roomy side. Lulu has also added lycra back to the weave of this fabric. The content is: 57% Nylon, 35% polyester, 5% Spandex, 3% x-static silver nylon. I really liked this top but the $99 price tag was too daunting.

I tried on the Dignity Halter, too. Just like the Hip Halter, the cups are not meant for very busty women. Also, the neck strap still bothered me even though you could adjust it. This was an easy pass for me.