Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dash Tanks Are Coming Back

From an Australian product notice - Dash tanks are coming back. The store is getting them in Static Black (photo), Heathered Royalty (love this color!), and Heathered Magnum. I cannot wait to see what Heathered Magnum looks like. I'm not a huge Dash tank fan but would love CRBs in these new colors.

Photos of the Latest

Power Y in Magnum Space Dye - on my list of maybes

Flow Y in Magnum Space Dye

Black Space Dye Wunder Unders

Another Photo of the Weightless Tank

Today's Upload - Lots of Surprises

Whisper Tank in Rocksteady
The Whisper is Cleavage-tastic!
Lots of new tanks uploaded today. All of them have been slightly altered from the original versions I used to buy. All have been made a couple of inches longer than the originals. They also have luon light bodies. They were originally made of regular weight luon which probably made them great for Canada but in the US it makes them a bit hot to use for year round workouts. I used to own three or four various Whisper tanks and of the three that were brought back today this is the one I like the best. The Whisper has a great feminine shape and reveals a sexy amount of cleavage without baring all. If you are worried about picking up MRSAs from weight benches at the gym or just don't want to bare your back I think this makes a great tank. Some people were saying they used to size up in this tank and now that I think about it I did, too. However, it's hard to say if you need to do that now since the design has been tweaked.

Wrap Tank
I have to go back a few years to remember trying on the Wrap Tank but I seem to remember the cross straps don't work so well if you are super busty. They didn't fall underneath my boob but kind of in the middle. I think making the body of the tank out of luon light is a major improvement because I found this tank also on the warm side. However, if you want a modest workout tank that stays in place and doesn't reveal all the Wrap Tank is a good option.

Deep V Tank in Rocksteady
I think it's safe to say the version of the Deep V that was brought back today was not the one most people were looking for. Most people liked the Athletic Deep V which doesn't have such an open neckline and has reinforced straps. This Deep V shows a lot of cleavage, even on the web model, so I can't imagine how I would look in it. I will pass on this one and hope the Athletic Deep V also makes a comeback.

The Deep V bra made a comeback today, too. I have four of these but rarely wear them. The cups aren't deep enough for me and give me a double boob effect.

The Dignity Halter is kind of cute but I am afraid the neck strap will bother me. This tank reminds me a lot of the Hip Halter tank which I tried to love but couldn't. The neck strap pulled on my neck something awful. The look of this new tank on the model doesn't do much for me.

The fact that the Warrior 1 Tank comes in luxtreme automatically means it gets a few extra points from me since I love that fabric. I am a bit bummed it doesn't go to a size twelve, though, so I'm thinking it won't be big enough in the chest. A few of you have written that having to adjust four bra straps is really irritating so I'll have to save this tank for a try on at the store. I can also see the plastic bits in the back being annoying when you lay down.

I didn't buy anything in today's upload but it looks like there are some new things hitting the stores that I will want to get - the new luxtreme CRB and the Weightless tank to name two. What did you all buy today?

Photo of the New and Improved Bulerias Tank

New Bulerias Tank in Royalty and Royalty Space Dye
Hmmm, I might have to give the Bulerias another chance. They have changed the body to be made of luon light. One reason it poofed out so bad in the older version wass that it was made of regular weight luon which is thick and stiff. The new version will drape a lot better not to mention feel cooler.

New! Black Space Dye Wunder Unders

I'm not a huge Wunder Under fan but I am really liking the look of Black Space Dye. I hope we see this color in some tanks.

NEW! Luxtreme CRB

There is a new luxtreme version of the CRB. This color is Heathered Pigeon. The neckline looks a bit deeper and the straps a bit thinner than a regular CRB. Now that I have seen a couple more photos of this I must get it! I wonder what other colors it comes in.

More Photos of the Weightless Tank

The new Weightless Tank looks super pretty on the mannequin however, there might be a fit issue:

Thanks to Laura for this fit photo
It seems to pucker up too high on the bust. We also saw something similar to this in the Park City photos:

The fit review from the woman who tried this on is that she tried her standard CRB size on, which she likes on the baggy side. She said the length was about the same as a CRB but she didn't like how the tank puckered in the wrong spot over her chest. I'll post more photos of this tank when I come across them.

Update on the New Run: Weightless Singlet Material

The Lululemon FB page replied to my post and said that the new Run: Weightless Singlet is made of a new material - ultra light Swift. I am really curious to give this a feel and a try on. If anyone has seen this in person, let us know what you think about it.

 The Take Flight skirt is also made of the ultra light Swift material. It's super light weight but I don't know if I would like it as a tank. I can't wait to try this on or hear about other's impressions of this tank.

The Bulerias is Back

Word is that the Bulerias tank is making a comeback and has been spotted in stores. I was underwhelmed by it the first time around  - bra portion was shallow and pleats could make you look puffy - so it will be a pass for me. I wish the Zoom Singlets and Spark Tank would make a come back.

Older Bulerias in Oasis - who exactly was clamoring for this to come back again?

Upload Thursday Wishes

I know this is a pipe dream but I hope the new Run: Weightless Singlet shows up tomorrow. I still don't know what it's made of but I am always interested in lightweight singlets.

I think the silly Owl print CRB will show up tomorrow. You can really see the owl's face in the above photo. I guess owls are big with hipsters but they remind me of the old Tootsie pop commercials (yes, I am ancient). What is more surprising to me is how clearly you can see the model's Illuminate bra through her CRB. I wonder if this CRB is as sheer as the camo ones were?

"Mr. Owl, how many licks does it take..."

I know I forgot to post about this but there is a new Modern Racer coming out in Royalty. It's super pretty.

I'm sure the new Quickstep pants will show up. I have read lots of positive reviews about them. People like the closer fitting legs.

I think the new Take Flight Skirts will show up tomorrow. I know a lot of people are interested in them. I saw them in the store the other day and they are super lightweight and not at all stiff.

I think the Take Flight Pullover and Short Sleeve tops will also show up. I am tempted by the Pullover but the price is rather daunting - $99. I really would like to try it on first.

What are you looking for?