Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Deep V is Coming Back!!!

This link was just posted on the Lululemon Facebook page (thanks to Erica for noticing this). I hope they are bringing back the Athletic Deep. That one was the most supportive and modest of all the Deep Vs. I personally hope they don't change a thing about this tank. What is cute on the video is how one woman said the Deep V is her husband's favorite tank. It's my husband's favorite, too.

This is the Athletic Deep V. The straps have the one inch elastic inside them, like the Push UR Limits, so it is very supportive. The style is flattering to a variety of figures. If you aren't busty, it makes you look like you have a bust and if you are busty, it really shows it off. The back panel was made of power mesh and it had power mesh under the bust so it's relatively cool to wear. The tank was made of regular weight luon.

Deep V Quilt
This is the other version of the Deep V. The neckline was a lot more open and exposed a lot more cleavage. It's also fairly supportive but not nearly as much as the ADV. This also was made of regular weight luon but there was a version that came out in all-luxtreme.

Today's Upload - Deep Breath Luxtreme Version

There was kind of a surprise in today's upload. The new Deep Breath tanks now come in luxtreme. I am kind of excited about this because the regular Deep Breath doesn't work for me in the luon light fabric. It's just too stretchy and doesn't support me enough. I am hoping the luxtreme version will work better. I am debating ordering this or waiting to give it a try at the store.

However, the one thing that holds me back is the tank looks two-tone in some of the photos. This makes me think that only part of the tank is luxtreme. The product description isn't much help. When I zoom in on the photos, it looks like the bottom portion is shinier so that makes me think that is the luxtreme part. Anywhoo, I think I will wait to try this on in a store rather than order it.

I did end up ordering the Lucky Luon headband in Dewberry Space Dye. What did you all order?