Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Let It Loose Tank Colors

Posted on the This Just In Facebook group - new colors in the Let It Loose tank: Surge/Surge Wee Stripe Let It Loose (not sure why lulu made such a similar version to the solid Surge LIL) and Heathered Dewberry/Dewberry Wee Stripe. (Thanks to Jillian)

Today's Shopping Trip

Instead of ordering from the website today I took a trip to the store to try on the things I was thinking about getting (the wee stripe Power/CRBs, Groove crops, Astro WUs). I really liked the Astro Wunder Unders and for those of you who like the Astro waistband and WU crops I think this is a great hybrid. It was super comfortable and I think I liked it better than regular Wunder Unders. A few of the Facebook store sites called them Limited Edition so if you like them you might want to get them. If they sell well, which I think they will, they will probably be back again but not for awhile. I have enough crops for my workout needs so I did not end up getting a pair today but I did like them a lot.

I also tried on the Heathered Blurred Gray Groove crops, which are reversible. I contemplated long and hard as to whether to get these because I really like the puckered rectangle waistband. I decided I could live without them for now since I have enough crops.

I also tried on the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Stride. I was tempted by it. It's very showy and I have quite a few Heathered Coal Wee Stripe items but I've bought two new Defines in the past month so I don't really need this one. However, I was going to give Heathered Black another try but the store didn't have it this time. It didn't show up on the website today, either, but neither did the HCWE. Maybe they'll show up next week.

I tried on the Surge Wee Stripe CRB and really, really like it. The wee stripe really dilutes the intensity of Surge to more of a sky blue and it reminded me a lot of Angel Blue from last summer, a color I really loved. I was very tempted to get this CRB. However, I mainly use CRBs for casual wear instead of gym wear so I couldn't justify getting it.

I also really liked the Citron Wee Stripe CRB. I was even more tempted by this color since it looks really nice with Wren and coordinates with a pair of Grooves I have that have Citron in the waistband. I reluctantly walked away from this CRB. I may change my mind and go back and get it. I do tend to shy away from lighter colored CRBs because they are a bit more revealing.

I did end up getting the Black Wee Stripe Power Y. I use Power Ys for the gym (with another bra layered underneath for more support) and casual wear in the summer. I just love neutral blackish tops like this. They aren't quite black so you don't look like a ninja but it looks super cute with black bottoms.

I also saw the new Ta Ta Tamer in Royalty. The color reminded me a lot of Bold Blue except a bit dimmer. Just like Dewberry is a dimmer version of Potion Purple, Royalty is dimmer than Bold Blue. When I say dimmer, it's as if you were looking at Bold Blue on your computer and someone turned down the brightness on the monitor. 

There were quite a few things on sale at the store I went to. The Grapeseed and Surge Cross Train caps were marked down to $19.  I was a little bummed since I bought one last week on the website to send to my sister for her birthday. The Willpower Short Sleeves were marked down to $49 and so were some remaining V-neck Swiftlys. Light Up bras were marked down but not a lot. Deep Breath tanks in Grapeseed and one other color were $39. The Paradise shorts were marked down. Nothing was a super bargain - just the first cut of markdowns. Last year there were big markdowns on the Friday before Canada Day/4th of July weekend so keep an eye on the website. Lulu has been doing big We Made Too Much uploads around dinner time (~6 pm ish Pacific Time). They may not do the same thing this weekend but with all the markdown in the store I'd bet it's pretty likely.