Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Black/Heathered Blurred Gray Groove Crops

New Groove Crops - Black / Heathered Blurred Gray
I know this version of the Groove Crop probably isn't very exciting to most of you but I love the pleated rectangles waistband on the Grooves. I have a few Heathered Blurred Gray tops so I might get this to have a matching pair of bottoms. I know a lot of people say their waistbands don't show but sometimes my tops creep up when I do cardio or bend over on the weight machines. Moreover, one reason I love the Groove crop and pants is that they are reversible to all-black so if you don't have a coordinating top, you can turn them inside out.

My newest Groove pants - I love that all the color is on the bottom row so it's more likely to peep out from under your top.

4th of July/Canada Day Heads Up

Just an FYI - Lots of markdowns hitting the stores and a few new things have been re-stocked on the website today. It might be good to check the website more frequently this week, especially starting on Friday and most especially in the late afternoon (I've probably jinxed it now). Lululemon did a big Loot (aka, We Made Too Much) upload last year over the 4th of July/Canada Day weekend.

More Photos of the Latest

Another photo of the new Magnum/Ghost Scuba. It's the kind that turns into a pillow.

I'm kind of at a loss as to what color this is - black microstripe? heathered blurred gray/coal?- This is the Coal Wee Stripe / Coal (CSW/Coal) In Stride. There are a couple of similar looking In Strides Out Now:

Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe In Stride

Coal Heathered Blurred Gray or CSW/Coal- not sure what this color code is Coal Wee Stripe/Coal

No wonder I was getting confused. Thanks to Donna from the TJI board, here is a good photo showing Heathered Black / Black Wee Stripe (left) and Coal Wee Stripe/Coal (right) side by side.

Photo of the Heathered Black/Black Wee Stripe In & Dewberry Wee Stripe In Strides
I like this combo a lot - Dewberry Speed shorts and Dewberry Wee Stride

These new Groove crops are identified as Coal/Surge Wee Stripe but the coal looks heathered to me. Here is a close up:

Maybe Lululemon is changing how coal looks or these are slightly mislabled. Whatever the case, I like the color. Here they are in an entire outfit:

Coal Groove crops with Surge Wee Stripe CRB
Love this combo - Surge Wee Stripe CRB and Coal/Surge Turbo Short