Friday, June 24, 2011

New Items in the Stores - Surge Wee Stripe CRB and More

Another photo of the new Astro Wunder Unders. This has a waistband of Dewberry, Static (or Heathered) Dewberry and Dewberry wee stripe. The legs are heathered black. I hope this means we'll see some tanks in Dewberry Wee Stripe and Static Dewberry.

This is the new Surge Wee Stripe CRB (from an LA store). It is also reversible to show off the stitching. I wasn't a huge fan of the Surge color on me but the Wee Stripe version is not so overpowering so I'm going to have to try this color on. There is also a Citron Wee Stripe CRBs and Power Ys in stores. People have also reported seeing a Dewberry Wee Stripe In Stride Jacket and a solid Dewberry symbol and a Heathered Black or Wee Stripe Black In Stride.

I forgot to post photos of this new Define yesterday. It's a Heathered Coal Wee Stripe Define. I first thought it was a bit flashy looking but now that I know the light colored part of the jacket is Heathered Coal Wee Stripe, I might have to get it. I have something like five tops with the HCWE pattern now.

I wore my new Take Flight Bike Shorts to spin today and I've got to say I really, really like them. These are probably the first luxtreme bottoms, besides my Passion crops, that I feel are somewhat compressive.  I think that's because the luxtreme in these feels fairly thick unlike some of my other running crops. The length was perfect for spin - short enough to get a lot of air on my legs but not too short so that bare skin of my legs touched the bike seat. The shorts slid up a bit when I first got on the bike but then stayed in place. The waistband was perfect - not too high in front and not too low in back so that my underwear peeped up. I never felt like the shorts were sliding down either, unlike the lady in front of my who wore Lucy capris. I got a great view of the whale tale of her polka dot thong for my entire class. I'm sure the guy behind her liked them, though.

So I bought a pair of Wren Dance Studio crops back in March when they first came out and I've been waiting for the weather to warm up to wear them. I kind of forgot about them hanging in my closet until tonight when I finally took the tags off. I am in love! I can't believe I waited so long to put them on. They are super comfortable and more lightweight than a pair of Still crops which is what I would switch to wearing this time of year if it's too cool for shorts. I wouldn't mind getting another pair but I know they are no longer on the website. I'll have to see what my local stores have left. If not, I'll get more next spring. They are truly awesome.  I like that the seaming on the sides of the leg have a slimming effect. I've don't have any Dance Studio pants but I'm going to have to check those out, too. I figured I'd get the crops since we were headed into summer but I think I need to get the pants, too.

Oh yes, some new markdowns were added to the We Made Too Much Section late this afternoon.