Thursday, June 16, 2011

NEW! Dew Berry CRB and Matching Inspires Are Hitting the Stores!

Dew Berry Reversible CRB and matching Inspire Crops
The past week has been crazy busy with tons end of the school year activities but today was the last day so I can finally get back to blogging - hooray! The new Dew Berry color is starting to arrive in stores with items arriving in a Reversible CRB, Bliss Tank, and Inspire Crops. This color is pretty close to last year's Potion Purple and I have some comparison photos to share with you. The big rumored markdown sale has not happened yet but a woman posted on one of the boards that she bought a Wren Denim Define on markdown for $79 at her local store and sharp eyes have noted that it is no longer on the website. Hopefully this means Lululemon is preparing a big upload to the We Made Too Much section. Lulu is offering free overnight shipping through midnight tonight in honor of Father's Day so it's conceivable the markdowns will hit after that expires.

It looks like new CRBs are going to be fully reversible so you can flip it and show off the colored stitching on the inside. There are lulu symbols on both sides now.

This is a comparison of Potion Purple, on the left, and Dew Berry on the right.

This is a comparison of Violaceous on the left and Dew Berry on the right.