Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hooray, Bruins!

It's always fun when a series is hard fought and goes for seven games.  It's especially fun when the underdog comes out on top. My husband is from the Boston area so that means I had more than a usual interest in the games. I'm not a huge hockey follower but since Lululemon is headquartered in Vancouver and my fellow blogger is a big Vancouver fan I could not resist putting the Bruins logo on the page and posting a tiny post about the Bruins. Winning. The. Stanley. Cup!!!

Small Upload Today

A few items were uploaded today and that is supposed to be the entire upload for this week. However, rumors are strong there will be a major upload to the markdown section happening either tonight or tomorrow so keep checking the website. The above photo is the new Shape Me Bra which looks like it may have potential but I think the front looks a bit low cut for bustier ladies. People have noticed that the All Sport bra is on markdown in the stores and the rumor is that they will become a cold weather item and the new Energy bra is the summer bra.

Photo of Inspire crops in the new Dew Berry color. Looks like it could be close to the older Raspberry or Orchid and Hydrangea colors.


New luon Dignity crops. I like the shorter knee length.