Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Upload Thursday Wishes

Since the fit of my Heathered Wren Calm Digger crops turned out to be a bit of a dissapoinment, I am hoping the Heathered Wren Still Shorts turn up on the US side of the website tomorrow.

I also might consider giving the Heathered Wren Gather and Crow crops a try for a nice change of pace. I have shied away from wearing coal crops to the gym because of perspiration mark reasons but the Heathered Wren might be dark enough to get away with something other than black.

I think there is a good chance we'll see the new LS Manifesto shirts tomorrow. If you do get one, be aware they are very fragile.

I think we'll see the new Deep Breath tank tomorrow. I must remain strong against the Heathered Blurred Gray one.
If the Coal Energy SL shows up tomorrow I will order it. I really love the SLs for hot weather workouts. They are super functional yet flattering. The silverescent is a delicate material, though, so you need to be careful if you wear the tank to run errands or around the house after you go to the gym. I snagged mine a little when I brushed up against something rough. I am willing to baby this material since it keeps my so cool during my workouts.

I think the Surge Circuit Tank might make an appearance.

What are you looking for?

More of the Latest

White Manifesto LS.

Toothpaste Lively Crewneck tee

A photo to show the color difference between Coal and black. The Energy SL is in Coal and the Run: the Fastest shorts are black.

I know tights-styled crops are "in" now but I really like a slightly flared leg opening in my crops. Loving the classic look of the Heathered Blurred Gray Deep Breath tank paired with black Gather and Crow crops.

Heathered Navy Sing Floss Travel Jacket. The lighting is perfect to see this color.

I think this is the Heathered Wren Sing Floss Travel Jacket.

Heathered Wren Still pants paired with the White Let It Loose Tank.

A photo to give you an idea of the cling quotient in the new Energy SL.

This color in the men's shirt caught my eye. Of course it would turn out to be Dark Classic Sport Gray in the Metal Tech Vent shirt. I love DCSG. I must try and find this for the hubs, on markdown of course since he hates to pay lulu prices for his workout clothes.

I'm pretty sure this is the Move It Tech shirt in Ink. This is another shirt I will be on the lookout for my husband.