Friday, June 3, 2011

Photos - Turbo Crop

I forgot I found a couple of non-model photos of the new Turbo Crops. Not sure how I like the double vertical lines running down the back and front. They are ok but I don't think they are particularly flattering or unflattering, just a bit busy.

Stinky Men + Silverescent = Love

Visible lines of silver in Silverescent
When Silverescent first came out I kind of poo-pooed it. Do ladies really need anti-stink material? I don't think I have ever come across a really stinky woman at the gym. At least one I was able to smell from the next elliptical over. Men, on the other hand... P-freaking-U. My husband is one of those guys who stinks after a workout. (Sorry, honey).  However, when he came home the other night and I didn't get a whiff of eau de workout I knew something good might be afoot. He was wearing one of his Lululemon tech shirts. I didn't want to blog about it until I knew for certain it was the shirt and not a change of deodorant. He wore another Lululemon style tonight made of swiftly knit but still with Silverescent and he was again stink-free. Hallelujah! My husband hates how expensive Lululemon is but I am going to be hunting for more deals for him for his workout shirts. The lack of stink is well worth it.

More Photos of the New Energy SL Tech Tanks (Updated)

Reader Rosa provides us with some photos of the new Energy SL Tech Tanks. The Coal tank is edged in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (aka, HCWE). This is what the Angel version was edged in last year and will match my Coal/HCWE Stride Jacket. I love when Lululemon provides continuity like this so I can coordinate past items with the latest. This photo also answers the question as to whether the new Energys are made of regular silverescent or silverescent circle mesh (aka, SCM) - they are the circle mesh version. I am very excited about this. I used to poo poo silverescent circle mesh but since I got a Revitalize shirt and wore it to spin class I am on board with the change and now a big fan of this material. I think SCM is thinner, more breathable, and more wicking than regular silverescent and just excellent for hot summer sweaty activities. The only drawback is that it is clingier than regular silverescent making a decision as to whether to size down in this tank a little more difficult.

This is Rosa in a size four tank. I think it looks fine from the side view but we'd need to see a front to see if there are clinging issue. Her normal tank size is a six and she said her personal preference is for the looser fit of her normal tank size. Rosa wanted to give a shout out to the fabulous educators at the Los Gatos store. She said the Energys will be in regular stores next week. They are coming in Surge, Coal, and Toothpaste.

As soon as I find more photos of the Energy I will post them. I know people are curious to see the difference in fit between this and the Mind Over Matter SL tech. I think the armholes come up higher and the fit is a little better through the chest (not as roomy/boxy) but I know more photos will help.

(Update) Rosa sent in the front view of herself, modeling the Energy SL. I don't think it looks too small or clingy at all. In fact, it looks pretty perfect to me. I cannot wait to see these in the store.

Photos of the New Energy SL Tanks

Oooh, I am liking the light trim around the neck and armholes on the Coal Energy SL.

The trim around the neck is heathered black in the Surge Energy SL. I am in trouble. I like both of these colors. (photos from the Los Gatos showroom - thanks to Michelle for spotting these)

Mixing Prints

A store just posted this photo of a mix of two Lululemon prints. Initially, I was going to poke a little fun but some googling on mixing prints has led me to discover that mismatched prints is very fashion forward.

This woman's blog has the coolest name:  The Man Repeller
I'm certainly not bold enough to try the outfit in the top photo. It was quite enough for me to pair the Wren Denim define which has a texture with the Tinted Canvas print CRB. It looks freaking awesome together but that's about as out there as I get. I don't think the top photo looks super bad, not like mixing Unicorn Tears and Tinted Canvas, but to me each is a statement print that deserves to be highlighted against a non-competing item. Perhaps I need to break out of the box a little, though.

Speaking of mixing prints, a reader asks for help coordinating tops with her new Resolution skirt in the Coal Vapor Spray Dye Print. Any suggestions?

More Items Added to the We Made Too Much Section

More Savasana Wraps and some new items have been added to We Made Too Much.

Australian Product Alert Photos - Heathered Wren Gather and Crow & New Scoop Neck

It looks like Australia is back to getting a lot of the same things at the same time as North America. These are a photo of Heathered Wren Gather and Crow crops.

I don't think I have posted this before and I haven't spotted it in my local store yet - it's the Scoop Neck Tank in Heathered Coal and Black.