Monday, May 30, 2011

NEW! Run: Split Short, Pink Mist Let It Loose, and More

New Run: Split Short.

Another photo of the new Willpower Shorts. I hope my store has these to try on tomorrow.

Photos of the Pink Mist Let It Loose tank. The bra is Pink Mist Space Dye.

The large flare is bad new for me - too easy to trip on.

This girl is very slender yet the cut of the pants make her rear look bigger than she is - boo!

Photos of the Cool Down Pant

More Photos of the Cool Down Jacket. I don't think the jacket is particularly bad looking at all. I will definitely give this a try if I see it tomorrow.

The print is called Coal Vapor Spray Dye.

Photos - Toothpaste Let It Loose Tank, Surge Willpower SS, and More

Photos of the Let It Loose tank in Toothpaste. Anyone try this on yet? I am planning on going to the store tomorrow to see and try on all the new things. This tank in Toothpaste looks so similar to my Aruba No Limit Tank that I know I can live without this color.

Willpower SS Tech in Surge Blue. Love this color but not the fit of the Willpower SS.

New Coal print in the Run: Resolution Skirt. Print skirts are so cute.

Heathered Blurred Gray Clam Digger Crops. The Clam Digger crops are one of my favorite crops for summer for both the gym and casual wear. I love the snug fit in the rear but looser fit straight leg.

I'm pretty sure this is the new Coal Heathered Blurred Gray Stride that was in last week's product notices. I'll post a better photo when I find one. Reader Colleen says this is the Heathered Wren In Stride and I believe she is right. I'll post more photos when I run across them.

A new Special Edition Bum Bag was uploaded to the website. Quite a few new things or replenishments were made today and over the weekend so be sure to check it out.

NEW! Run: Willpower Shorts.

New Run: Willpower Short. It's cut a bit wider in the legs for athletic legs. Unfortunately, it's being shown on women with thin thighs so it's looks rather poufy. If I find some photos of the shorts being modeled on some muscular thighs, I will post.

More Photos of the Sunbeam LS Pullover

Sunbeam LS shown with new Willpower Short

NEW! Cool Down Jacket (Updated)

New reversible Cool Down jacket made of Tencel which reverses to sheer luon jersey. It's $128 and comes in black, white, and coal. However, some of the pant/crop colors look like Wren so it might come in this color, too. I love the longer hip length of all the new jackets.

Updated with more pics showing the reverse look:

NEW! Cool Down Pants (Updated)

New Cool Down pants (shown with the new Cool Down Jacket - will put that in a separate post). These pants are made of Tencel. I wasn't a big fan of the fit of previous Tencel pants so not sure if I would like these much either. Tencel is lightweight but wrinkles very easily.

NEW! Cool Down Crop

Some new items have shown up at the store today - Cool Down Crops, Cool Down Jacket, and Cool Down Pants. They are all made of Tencel. These are the Cool Down Crops. They come in black, white, and coal. Can't say I think they are particularly attractive but the look like they might be slouchily comfortable. Tencel wrinkles easily so I can't see packing these for a trip.

Update - Just read these new crops are $92!!! These are not flattering enough to justify that price.