Friday, May 27, 2011

New Loot Uploaded Tonight

I put this on my Facebook feed but might as put it on the blog. Some new Loot (a.k.a., We Made Too Much) was uploaded tonight to the women's side. There is nothing that tempted me but the Savasana Wraps are now $89. Check it out.

First Wearing Review: Run Revitalize Tech SS - Awesome!

Michelle Obama in a Run: Revitalize
I've been rather dismissive of silverescent circle mesh based on its appearance in the past and I am going to recant every bad word I've ever said about it. I wore my new Revitalize Tech SS shirt to spin this morning and it was just wonderful. I never wear a short sleeve shirt to spin because I get so overheated but I thought I give the silverescent circle mesh a real test. I was very pleasantly surprised that I stayed relatively cool, as cool as if I had a tank top on. The shirt wicked away sweat really well. It's super lightweight, soft, and very breathable. I usually wear regular silverescent tanks like the Energy SL to spin but I thought the Silverescent Circle mesh was even more breathable and wicking. I also think it beats the silverscent knit found in Swiftly tops in performance in these two areas. The only bad thing about the silverescent circle mesh is that since it's thin, it's a bit more clingy than regular circle mesh or silverescent so reveals your lumps and bumps more. As for the style of the Run Revitalize, the fit is on the looser side so you can size down if you are not worried about it clinging to you, otherwise stay in your normal size. I have smaller shoulders so the neckline dipped a bit low and showed the top of my bra. The sleeves are nice and loose and don't pull on the shirt, unlike the Willpower Tech SS. Overall, the cut is very figure flattering.  I wasn't a huge fan of the static black and coal striped accents when this shirt first came out but when I checked myself out in the big mirrors in spin class, I thought the shirt was really sharp looking. I need to get more of these shirts. If you prefer to workout in a short sleeve shirt, check out the Run: Revitalize, you won't be sorry.

  • silverescent® circle mesh fabric; an anti-stink, wicking mesh made for weightless function
  • Cinchable drawcord hem to keep from riding up while you work out
  • Secure pocket for keys, cards or music
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams

Photo of the Heathered Deep Navy Sing Floss Travel Jacket

Photo of the Heathered Deep Navy Sing Floss Travel. Word is the Wren and the Heathered Deep Navy SFT will be coming to Canada. However, some commenters have said that the Heathered Deep Navy is a tough color to coordinate.

More Let It Loose Tank Photos (Updated)

More photos of the Let It Loose from a showroom. I was excited when I first saw this tank but I am not sure how I feel about it after the newness has worn off. I have two No Limits but I don't wear them that much. One big reason is that it hasn't been that warm yet but I never wore my black one that much either.  Also, I have three sheer luon tanks already, two Power Dance and a Pure Focus, so I really don't need another.  I also think it won't look that flattering on me. My husband calls the No Limits a bra with a curtain. Maybe I'll love it when I try it on but I am not feeling the need to make a special trip to hunt it down. What are you guys thinking about this tank?

Let It Loos in Pink Mist - has a Pink Mist Space Dye Bra

Let It Loose in Toothpaste - looks really close to Aruba
Reader Rose sent in some photos of the new Let It Loose tanks. She said the store did not have any 12s so I'm thinking this is one of those tanks that goes to a ten only. I already have an Aruba No Limit Tank so the Toothpaste will be a pass. I found the Pink Mist Power Dance kind of sheer so I would think the Let It Loose would be sheer, too. Hmmm. I'll have to see if I can find some time to try them on but I'm not salivating for them.

NEW! Sunbeam Pullover and Cool Down Jacket

New Sunbeam Pullover. I think this is the pullover from the magazine article a reader sent in a couple of weeks ago. If so, this is $98. It has sun protection. It' shown with the Run: Resolution Skirt.  That stitching detail looks like what they used on the front of the I Just Wanna Run tanks. I wonder if those will be coming back, too.
 I Just Wanna Run tank from last year

New reversible Cool Down Jacket. I love these hip length jackets. Anything with a sheer luon reversible side is going to be super soft. I like the structured slouchy look of this. As soon as I find out details on price and colors I will post. I would assume this jacket is going to be somewhere around $128 or more.

I also hear long sleeve manifesto shirts are coming soon. Also, I believe that the Let It Loose is hitting stores now. Hmmm, I have soccer all weekend. I am going to have to sneak in a trip to the store somehow.