Thursday, May 26, 2011

Look Like a Bootcamp Badass (Updated)

Look how Boot Camp badass you can look when you add the bandana to the camo Flow Y and camo Wunder Unders (and army boots!). One of my spin teachers always wears a bandana. It makes her look like she just came from rock climbing.

Camo Flow Y

Another photo of the Let It Loose Tank.

This is some educated speculation on my part but I am thinking the Let It Loose tank is hitting the showrooms first, kind of like what happened with the Pure Balance. The only photos I have seen it in, from three difference sources, are from showrooms. I will let you all know if it hits any stores but if you are looking for it, the closest showroom is a good place to start.

Photos of Wren Camo CRB and Illuminate Jersey

Wren Camo CRB - you can really see the pattern in this photo. Maybe these will be uploaded later in the week / early next week.

Love the Illuminate Jersey (shown with the Tempo crop). I wouldn't mind if they made a version of this shirt without the bike pockets in back. I like the front zipper.

Bliss Tank - Perspiration Issues

There were some comments speculating on how Tencel handles perspiration. Here is a photo from last year when the Bliss tanks were first released. I'm not sure if older reviews are still on the website but I remember reading somone commenting that it sticks to your stomach when you start to sweat.

Today's Upload - Some Goodies

A few goodies were uploaded today - the new Light Up tanks (but not the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe), the new Spirit tanks (love mine), the Energy skirts.

The Heathered Grapeseed Sing Floss Travel was uploaded but not the Surge or the new Heathered Deep Navy.

The new Illuminate Jersey and Shorts were uploaded but not the Pink Mist Illuminate. Also, the Illuminate bra was uploaded. I think the price is a bit high at $58 for a bra that shows lumps and bumps underneath tops. Do that many ladies run at night in a bra top only? I guess there might be a few. Still don't get the $10 bump for reflective tape.

I didn't get anything but that's good because I bought a ton of stuff this month. I am hoping to see the new Let It Loose Tank hits my local stores soon.

What did you all get?