Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NEW Tank!!! Let It Loose - UPDATED with Photos

There is a new tank coming - the Let It Loose Tank and it's similar to the No Limits. As soon as I find a photo I will post.

Reader Quincey sent in some photos of her new Let It Loose Tank. It's similar to the No Limit except that the bra is made of Power Luxtreme and the outer tunic is made of Sheer Luon. She said the tank runs TTS and that the bra feels a bit looser in the front and snugger in the back than the No Limit. It looks super cute and I cannot wait to try it. She got it at the Park City, Utah Showroom where she says she has the most helpful educators - Michelle, Lucy, Haddie, and Karen. 

Photo of the Let It Loose from the Park City Showroom
Quincey also made some comparison photos of her No Limits to the Let It Loose:

No Limit on the left and Let It Loose on the Right.
Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Quincey!

New Berry Color Coming

A sharp-eyed lululemon fan noticed this new color tank in the Hot Yoga Hobo bag photo. Another woman was told the summer colors are Citron, Surge, and this new purplish-pink color that has "berry" in the name. It looks pretty similar to Violaceous. I'm always up for a hot pink. I didn't get any Violaceous stuff when it was out and I have a CRB in Raspberry but I could get on board with this color. I think it would look nice with all my new Wren items.

Violaceous Modern Racer
Older color - Raspberry
Older Orchid/Hydrangea tank
Deep V in Sangria
Potion Purple

Run: Resolution Skirt Coming to Stores and Caps/Visors Uploaded

The Run: Resolution is coming back in stores in Black and White. I know these sold out on line super quickly.

The new Surge and Grapeseed caps and visort have just been uploaded to the website.

Upload Thursday Wishes

I've pretty much knocked everything off this month's wish list and am totally overspent. I know the Heathered Wren Still crops were uploaded yesterday but I decided I could live without them for now since I already have Wren DSCs. I wouldn't mind a pair of Wren Still shorts but not sure when those will show up. I think I might get the new bandana if it shows up. A reader says it's made of circle mesh and $18. Headwear usually gets uploaded on Wednesdays so this might show up today. Other than that, there is nothing I need or want. This is what I think we might see tomorrow:

I know a lot of people are hoping to see the new Sing Floss Travel Jacket colors show up. Shown are Heathered Deep Navy (dying to see a real life photo), Heathered Grapeseed, and Surge.

There are a couple of new In Stride Jackets out: The one on the left was identified in a product alert as Coal/Heathered Blurred Gray. The other is Surge.
I think there is an excellent chance we will see the new Retro Camo CRBs and Flow Ys tomorrow.
I am not sure if the new bike line stuff will be uploaded. I read a post where someone from the GEC answered a question about the Illuminate dress and said it would not be available on line. Not sure why this is. The bike jersey is super cute so I hope it makes an appearance. I hope the new Illuminate bike shorts do, too.
I think the new Run: Willpower and Energy skirts will make an appearance. (Did the Willpower already get uploaded? I don't follow skirts that closely.)
I think we will see the Sunblocker LSs uploaded tomorrow.
I think the new Dance Studio Jackets in Grapeseed and Wren will be uploaded.
Maybe the new Tempo crops will be uploaded.
I think the new Bliss dresses will also be uploaded

Are you looking for anything this week?

Photos: Heathered Grapeseed Sing Floss Travel Jacket and More

Found a decent photo of the other new Sing Floss Travel Jacket. This one is Heathered Grapeseed.

Another photo of the Illuminate Dress ($88) being used as a tunic. This is show with the Biker Groove Shorts (they are made of luon and have no padding - a favorite for spin with me).

The Surge Spirit Tank shown with the Tempo Crops. Love my new Spirit Tank.

The new luxtreme Tempo Crops.

Pink Mist Define, Tinted Canvas Full Eagle Tank, and Coal Waltz Pants. Not sure if I would pair a Define with the Waltz Pant. I wonder if they will show up this week. I haven't noticed them in my local store but I wasn't really looking for them that hard. Has anyone seen them in the US?

Pink Mist long sleeve swiftly shirt paired with the Vapor Paradise Short Short. This makes a cute outfit.

Color Comparison of Wren Denim to Wren Dance Studio and Wren Stills

Comparison of Wren Denim (left) to other Wren items - DSCs and Wren Still Pants in natural light

Wren DSCs and Wren Defnim Define Jacket in natural light

Wren DSCs on left, Wren Denim Define on left, Wren Still pants at the bottom. In natural daylight.

This was taken under fluorescent light in my laundry room. The DSCs are on the left, the Wren Denim Define on the right and the Wren Stills are at the bottom.

Photos: Wren Denim Define, Camo CRBs, Bandana, and More

Wren Denim Define

The Retro Camo collection. They look so cute on the table. Maybe I will try the CRBs on again.  It took me three tries before I bought the Heathered Blurred Gray Define and now I wear it everywhere.

Light Up Tank in Heathered Black. I love this color. I hope some other luxtreme tanks will come in it.

Sunblocker LS in Blurred Gray - love this color. You can totally see the outline of the Illuminate bra underneath. Speaking of blurred gray - would love a running pullover in solid blurred gray running luon. Something without a lot of stripes and decorative stitching (think Energy).  Keep that in mind for winter, lulu!

The new Bandana is made of circle mesh. I don't have a price on it yet.

The Surge Sing Floss Travel Jacket. I haven't found a good photo of the Heathered Grapeseed one, yet.

The Illuminate Bike Shorts. I forgot to check my stores for this today. They may not have unpacked it.

Photos: Bliss Tank and Dress

Photo of the Surge Blue Bliss Tank

This is one of the cuter-looking photos I have seen of the Wren Bliss Tank

 I think the Bliss dress is pretty cute but it looks best if you are little taller and it hits above the knee.

I don't like the Bliss Dress as much on this woman as I do on the taller ladies in the photos above.

Photos - Illuminate Jersey and Dress

Photos of the super cute Illuminate Jersey. I love the deep zipper that you can lower to expose the bra underneath. It' $68.

A couple of the stores are showing the Illuminate Dress used as a tunic. After trying it on, I can totally see that. It's on the short side. The material of the dress is extremely light and floaty so it's not like you'll feel too warm if you wear it with shorts or crops. The price of this dress is $88.

 It's pretty short when worn alone.