Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Is the Blog Faster Now?

I am so sorry you have been experiencing slow loading times on the blog. I am quite html illiterate so have tried a few things to speed the blog up. I've made fewer posts on the main page and the photos are smaller but if you click on them you will see a bigger version. I also changed the template. Not that I love it but I think it might have been slowing things down. I just ran a test on WebPageTest.org and it seemed that it is speedier. Please let me know if it's not and I'll do some more homework on how to fix it. I hate slow websites but since I generate the content and have everything cached it's hard for me to know how slow this loads.

Photo of the Retro Camo and Illuminate Jersey

This photo will give you an idea how sheer the new Retro Camo CRB is. Of course, I had to pull it away from my chest so it won't look like this on you but I could see the outline of my black bra underneath. Just an FYI.

 Found a store photo where the cleavage area is a bit sheer, too. I'll try to find some under bright sunlight in case any of you do outdoor bootcamps.

Some close up photos of the Illuminate Jersey.

Surge CRB and Other Items Uploaded to the Website

If you were looking for the Surge CRB, Pink Mist Energy Bra or other items on the website, quite a few things have been uploaded today. Check it out!

Quickie Post on Today's Shopping Trip

I have a ton going on with the end of the school year so I won't have time to post until much later tonight. I went to the store today and was able to try a few things.

I love the Illuminate Bike Jersey! I thought it ran TTS and is super cute. It's $68. I could feel the reflective lines up my back since they are a bit stiffer than the luxtreme/circle mesh material but other than that I thought this top was very flattering and kind of sexy with the zip down neck. I wish I had a need for this top but since I find the gym to be warm in the summer and I need my shoulders to be bare I will regrettably pass on this top. I think this version of the bike jersey is much cuter and has more detail than last year's.

The real reason I went to my store again today is that I wanted to get the new Retro Camo CRBs. I tried on both the black and wren and ended up with neither. I really didn't like any of them on me. I guess I just like tops with bolder prints. If I had to pick one, I'd probably get the black. The Wren Camo was nice but it was very similar in color to my Wren CRB. The camo pattern is very subtle, especially in low light. The material is very thin and a bit sheer - I could actually see the shadow of my cleavage through the top where it lifted away from my skin. I have some photos illustrating this and will upload later. The camo is 92% polyester and 8% spandex. It's super lightweight and I think it would be fine for summer workouts but I didn't love it enough to bring home.

I went to the store yesterday and picked up the Wren Denim Define. I didn't know if I would like it on but I really love it. I am going to have to find some more tops to coordinate with this. It looked really nice against the Wren DSC/DSPs, Wren Still pants, and Heathered Wren bottoms.

I also tried on the Surge Light Up tank. The tank fit has not changed from last year - very snug in the chest (almost a size small) and looser in the belly. If you at all moderately busty or have a large rib cage or back you might want to size up in this.

There are a few new goodies that have been uploaded to the website today - the Pink Mist Energy Bra, Heathered Still crops and more. Take a look if you were on the hunt for these.