Friday, May 20, 2011

"New" Items Added to the Website

Correct me if I am wrong, but the Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck tank has finally made it to the website. I distinctly remember having to track this tank down at a store because it never showed up on the upload. Anyway, there is a lot of stuff that has been in the stores but didn't make it to the website because of the redesign.

Violaceous / Coal Scoop Neck Tank

There is also a Snorkel and Black Scoop Neck and a few other colors, I think. I know I am getting store stuff mixed up with website stuff.

The Wren / Wren Denim In Stride has been stocked (or re-stocked) plus some other colors in the In Strides.

Anyway, check it out.

Pink Mist Long Sleeve Swiftly

I think this is new but I am not sure so forgive me if this is old news. I know there was a two-tone Clarity Gray and Iris Snow long sleeve and a short sleeve and racerback solid Pink Mist Swiftly but not a solid PM long sleeve.

Photos: Spirit tank, Bliss Tank, and Circuit Tank

Spirit Tank on a busty woman.

One of the more flattering photos I've found of the Bliss tank. I tried it on last year and thought it was cute but in most of the photos the elastic band is not pulled down far enough so that it's well under the bust. If it's not pulled down, it makes that area look awful - like you have your pants pulled up too high.

 Tango Red Circuit Tank - looks nice with a bit of a tan.

So, where's all the new stuff? A lot of times some stores will post new stuff on Fridays. My Lulu ADD has kicked. Got my Spirit tank. Waiting for Wren Stills. Next?  ;-)

Photos: Paradise Rashguard and More

Finally, a good close up of the new Paradise Rashguard and I see they are all sold out on the US side of the website and only available in a couple of sizes on the Canadian side. I guess there is a chance it will be restocked.

Do It All shorts in Blurred Gray

Cute Outfit Idea - Tango Circuit Tank, Lift and Tone Shorts (or maybe Paradise shorts - it's hard to tell), and a coordinating Totetally Totetastic bag.

Photos of the Latest

Cute outfit - Surge Deep Breath, white Jog skirt, and the new Hobo Bag. Surge and white is super cute.

 End pockets on the new Hobo bag - one on each end.

Front pocket on the Hobo bag. There is another on the opposite side.

Pranayama tank on a bustier woman.

Push UR Limits on a very busty woman. I often add an All Sport bra under mine and only a tiny bit shows.

Dhananasuran crops in the blurred gray.

Coal Paradise Shorts. I think the flash makes them seem a lot shinier than they are in real life. They have a sheen but no shine.