Thursday, May 19, 2011

OMG! Wren Denim Define - WANT!!!!

I was all "meh" about the Wren Denim Define until I saw these photos. I think I need this. Gah!!!!

The Upload Has Started

Get to your computers and smart phones - the upload has started!

 The Camo WUS we uploaded - hope you got a pair!

The Bliss Tanks are uploaded but no Spirit Tank yet.

The Willpower skirts have been uploaded

The Hot Yoga Hobo in Black Seabed was uploaded. I wonder if it will come in other colors. The Tinted Canvas Retro Groove and Surge Bon Voyage Duffle was also uploaded.

The Surge Energy bra was uploaded but not the Pink Mist.

The new Deep Breath in Surge and Pink Mist were uploaded.

The Paradise Rashguards and new board shorts were uploaded, too. I want to try on the rashguard next time I go to the store.

A new Define was uploaded in Toothpaste but not Surge and no Wren Sing Floss Travel Jacket yet. There were some new headband colors uploaded yesterday afternoon.

I am safe today - nothing I wanted has shown up. What did you guys get?

Upload Thursday Wishes

My personal wishes for Upload Thursday are for the Wren Still crops or the Wren Still Shorts but I almost hope they don't show up until June since I've spent so much this week. ;-) I also hope the upload starts earlier than it has been. Last week it started around 10:40 pacific time.

The Spirit Tanks seems to have hit a lot of stores in the US so I think we'll see those in the upload.

I am thinking we'll see the Energy bra colors in Pink Mist and Surge, too.

I think we will see the new Paradise Rashguard and board shorts.

I think the Loop de Lulu dress will show up, too.

I know a lot of people are hoping the camo wunder unders show up. If they do, grab them fast and check out right away. These are going to sell like hot cakes.

I wonder if all the new Define colors will be uploaded. I am very tempted by the Wren Denim.

I bet the new Hot Yoga Hobo bag will show up, too.

I know a lot of people hope the Wren Sing Floss Travel jacket also shows up. If you want this, order it right away and check out. This will also sell fast.

What are you hoping for?