Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spirit Tank - First Wearing Review

I wore my new Spirit Tank to the gym today for a weight lifting and spinning workout. I was really happy with it. The straps did not fall off my shoulders at all - yay for me! The center of the front did pop open a little bit when I was bent over the bike with my hands shoulder-width apart but I checked in the mirror in class and I couldn't see anything since it's so high cut. Only I could look down my own shirt. You wear your own sport bra underneath and most are designed to be seen so I still think it's not big deal that it pops open a little. Another good thing about this tank is that it didn't ride up on me like some of my luxtreme tanks do. Maybe because it's a little longer but I have to keep pulling my Push UR Limits tanks down in spin. One bad thing about luxtreme is that certain colors really show sweat so my tank certainly reflected my workout in spin. The perspiration marks in my mid-section weren't so noticeable since it blended with the color transition but it was very noticeable under my arms. I don't really care that much but if you are a little self-conscious get the black tank. Anyway, I am super happy with this tank.

Surge Spirit Tank and More

I didn't know about this Spirit Tank color - Surge and Heathered Black.

 Energy Bra in Surge

Black Camo on left and Wren Camo on Right.

 Wren Camo WU Pant

Layer Me Bra and the Willpower Skirt

Lookout for that bear, ladies!

Lavender Haze Rashguard

The Paradise Short Shorts look cute on this girl.

More Loop de Lulu photos in case anyone is thinking of ordering it tomorrow.

I don't know if this is a new color CRB or not but thought I would post it anyway. Shown with the Willpower Skirt.

Blonds look so good in Surge.