Monday, May 16, 2011

Photos of the Loop de Lulu Dress

Loop de Lulu colors - black/white, black seabed/?, pink mist/coal, toothpaste/white.

More Photos of the Latest

Spirit Tank - Blurred Gray Dip Dye. Wear your own bra underneath and made of luxtreme.

Pink Mist Define Jacket - forgot to post about that in the previous post.

Pink Mist Deep Breath - so pretty!

This photo is from the Square One store. I thought the Tango Red Scuba hit Canada already. Just read this is Poppy Red. The symbol is white. I would seriously consider a Wren or Heathered Wren scuba.

The Latest - Camo Wunder Unders, New Define Colors, and More

NEW! Camo Wunder Unders. I think these are really cute but you better have the legs for them.

New Define Jackets in Toothpaste, Surge, and Coal/White Microstripe. The Surge is super pretty. There is also a Wren Denim Define out, too. I hope they are going to come out with a solid Heathered Wren Define. I would love that and it would look great with my Wren Still pants and Wren CRB.

Paradise short short. It looks super cute on this girl. I didn't try on the short version of the shorts today because I didn't care for earlier photos I'd seen but I'll try to remember to try them on next time.

New bag colors - Surge Bon Voyage Duffle and Tinted Canvas Groove bag.

The new Spirit Tank also comes in Surge/Heathered Black, Black/Heathered Black, and the Blurred Gray Dip Dye/Blurred Gray (looks like Gray/Black dip dye to me).

The Rashguard color is called Lavender Haze. It also comes in black. Ugh - hot colors. Wish there was a white or a pink mist.

The new Dhanasurana crops. I love the short length on these.

 A woman on Facebook posted photos of her new Willpower Skirts. They come in black, white, and Tinted Canvas print.

Today's Shopping Trip

I went back to the South Coast store to try on the Backbend crops again (all you enablers talked me into it) and get the Pink Mist Energy bra and see what else was new. While I was there I spotted this new Scoop Neck color. I'm sorry the first photo is so blurry. The second photo is a close up of the collar and the body of the tank. The color code is: SDWW/Wren. I think that stands for Sand Dune Heathered Wren Wee Stripe/Wren Wee White (?) but I am not sure.

I tried on the Paradise Long short. They were actually very nice - light and airy feeling. They also have a little stretch to them. I still don't care for the eyelet trim but I might consider them if they go on markdown but not at full price.

I attempted to try on the Loop de Lulu dress. I am normally a twelve in most tops but size down to a ten occasionally. I had heard the Loop de Lulu ran tight in the bust and people aren't kidding. I think this dress only goes to a ten or at least that is what my store had. The top part of the dress is extremely tight and it got stuck on the upper portion of my chest. I think most people are going to have to size up in this dress no matter how busty they are or aren't. I thought the dress was very heavy, also. It's just not something I'd choose on hot summer days. I'll post some more educator photos of it, but I also think it makes most people's hips look bigger than they are.

My store also got the new Pranayama tanks in. What a gorgeous, sexy tank. I tried the ten on but of course I was spilling out all over the place. Too bad lulu can't make versions of the Pranayama and Full Eagle for bustier ladies with larger cups. The sheer luon bottom portion is light and airy and feels so nice against your skin. I just love the look of this tank. If you have the shape for this tank and are looking for something for hot yoga or hot summer days, give this tank a try.

I gave the Backbend crops another try but the SCP store just got in a shipment of the Heathered Blurred Gray Define Jackets:

I wore my new Heathered Blurred Gray Scoop Neck tank to spin today. The HBG material is so soft and I love the color. I thought it felt pretty cool (breathability and wicking-wise) for spin class. The material content is 45% polyester, 42% nylon, and 13% spandex. My other stores have been out of the HBG Defines for awhile now and it hasn't shown up on the website but it was at SCP today. I decided to get it. I also got the Pink Mist Energy Bra.

NEW! Run: Paradise Rashguard

New Rashguard made of luluwave swim fabric. A rashguard is of interest to me because I burn easily and my kids like to spend hours at the beach and in the pool. I have short sleeve rash guards for all my kids. I will definitely try this on but not sure if I would try Lululelemon's maiden offering or just get one from a regular surf wear company. I will update with price and technical details when I find them. Oh yes, an educator at the store today told me the new Rashguards and board shorts were developed with stand up paddle surfers in mind.

NEW!!! Spirit Tank

 New Spirit Tank. I love the gray to black dip dye!Love!! (I don't love the Toothpaste one nearly as much.) I really like the gathers in the back and on the shoulder straps. I hope this is made of a technical fabric. It has a little ipod pocket so I think it might. I really would love if this is made from luxtreme, one of my favorite summer fabrics. ==> Update: It is made of luxtreme - hooray!!! It is shown with a Surge Energy bra underneath and the Strength and Tone shorts. I just spent $150 on new things today and you come out with this! I need to sell my kidney now.  ;-)

FYI - Heathered Blurred Gray Scoop Neck Tank Made in Canada

I went to take the tags off my new Heathered Blurred Gray Scoop Neck Tank this morning and noticed it was made in Canada. I know a lot of people like to buy the made in Canada lulu clothes so I thought I'd pass this info on. A few months ago, an educator told me that Lululemon will continue to make some core pieces in Canada. We now know that some black Wunder Unders and Scoop Neck tanks are two of those pieces.