Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photos of New Arrivals - Pink Mist Deep Breath, Surge Power Y and More

Photo of the Pink Mist Deep Breath tank.

Surge Power Y

Photo of a more-endowed woman in the Full Eagle tank - very sexy but not sure how this would be fore actual workouts. However, if you are hoping to catch the eye of that cute guy at the gym, I'd say this is a good tank for that.  ;-)

Some more photos of the Waltz pants

I think I will probably hit my local store tomorrow. I hear they have the Pink Mist Energy bra I have been wanting. However, I think my wish list pending "wants" are up to something like $400 (new Hobo bag, Heathered Wren Still crops and shorts, Energy SL tank, Pink Mist Energy bra, maybe a pair of Backbend crops) and I believe I have already spent my lulu allowance for the month so we'll see if I actually end up getting the bra. I have one Energy bra and I could wait to get another. We'll see. I want to see what other new goodies were unpacked since I was last there.