Saturday, May 14, 2011

NEW! Board Shorts. Also, Light Up Tanks Are Back

Reader Rose of Cali Lulu Buyers sent me some photos of the new Paradise Long and Short Short that is hitting the stores. You can wear them in the water.

Can't say I think these are too attractive. They look like men's boxers and I hate the eyelet trim.

These shorts are a little better but I still hate the eyelet trim and cheap-looking zig zag stitching.  I've got to say I like my board shorts a little more traditional looking with a hibiscus print and a lace up fly.

Custom Made Board Shorts by Xelosette
I've actually had some board shorts custom made for me to match my swimsuits by Boardshort World/Xelosette, a company located here in Orange County that makes the shorts on site. Every now then a pair pops up on ebay so I have a few pairs of them. They also make board skirts and, I see now, maternity shorts. They have lasted like iron.

Board shorts by Roxy
Board shorts by Volcom
Orange County residents are also very loyal to their local surf wear manufacturers so I don't see Lululemon board shorts catching on here in a big way. Here are a couple of board shorts made by Roxy and Volcom. Both have some cute boy brief and hot pant style board shorts.

Board Shorts by Athleta
 Athleta also makes some highly regarded functional swim wear. I've looked into their board shorts but ended up going with Xelosette.

A reader posted photos of new Light Up tanks to hit her local store. These have been running tight in the chest and are overpriced (historically $68) in my opinion, so unless those two things have changed, they will remain a pass for me. It's a bummer because I like luxtreme tanks a lot.