Friday, May 13, 2011

New Items From Product Alerts - new Scoop Necks, Deep Breath

I forgot that Blogger was down most of yesterday. There is a new solid Surge Scoop Neck Tank arriving in stores. This is super pretty.

 There are also new Deep Breath tanks coming in Pink Mist and Surge.

Here is a photo of the new Heathered Wren Still Crops. I hope these come to the US soon. I must get these! There are also Wren Still shorts.

Today's Shopping Trip - Checking Out the New South Coast Plaza Store

Yesterday was the opening day of the new store at the South Coast Plaza (aka, SCP) mall in Costa Mesa. I didn't make it down during shopping hours but I did visit the party last night. For some reason I thought you could buy stuff during the party but I was wrong, it was just a party. It was really hopping with a live band and tons of people. I only stayed a few minutes, long enough to ogle the jammed racks of new clothes and to say hi to some of the staff I know. I went back today hoping to find the Pink Mist Energy bra and see if SCP had things that were out of my size at the other local stores.

I got to try on the Backbend crops in my size today. I tried them at the Irvine store in the next size down a couple of weeks ago but SCP had my size in both the black and Heathered Wren. They are getting good reviews on the website and I can see why. They are a shorter, knee-length crop with a relaxed leg opening. I was really tempted to get a pair but I know Canada has Heathered Wren Still Crops and Shorts and I really want to get a pair of both of those. I tried on the Heathered Wren Backbends and love the soft feel of the fabric in that color so I psyched for the new Heathered Wren Still crops. The Backbends have a very flattering fit through the backside. I may have to push these towards the top of my Wish list. If only that darn money tree would start to grow in my backyard.  ;-)

SCP had a tank that I have been stalking at my other stores and on the website - the Heathered Blurred Gray Scoop Neck. I've been wanting to try this on forever but both Irvine and Newport have only had this up to an eight. For some reason, this tank and the matching Heathered Blurred Gray Define have not been uploaded to the website. The HBG Define is pretty much sold out at my local stores and I passed on it a couple of times but it keeps calling my name and I wanted to give it another try today. The SCP store did not have it, though. I couldn't resist the HBG Scoop Neck. I have a fatal attraction to athletic grays and even though I tend to switch to lighter tanks made of silverescent, luxtreme, and circle mesh in the warmer months I had to get it. It's so soft.

I bought my sister the Pink Mist Mind Over Matter pullover last week and she loves it. I got a chance to try on the black one today. I can see why people are loving this pullover. The luxtreme is very soft and the shape is very figure flattering. One thing my sister likes about it, and I have to agree, is the high neck. That is a feature I love about my beloved Energy Pullover. Anyway, I was tempted to get this top but it's heading into warmer weather here and I've kicked into summer mode and don't feel like buying cold weather gear. I did pick up the black one for my sister. The SCP store had a full size run in both the Black and White. They thought they might be getting the other colors in today. They had just received 80 boxes are in the process of unpacking them.

While I was at the store one of the educators brought out a pair of the new Dhanasura crops. They look super cute. If you are looking to try them on, they are at SCP.

The SCP store had a ton of stock of the latest that's been released over the past few weeks: Bow Tee (tried it and it's fun but I'd rather buy a tank for the money), It's a Cinch Dresses, Wren Modern Racer, Split Pea and Static Tango CRBs plus lots of other CRB colors like Bold Blue, Pure Focus tanks in all colors, Deep Breath tanks in all colors, tons of Scoop Necks, tons of Power Dance tanks. They had the black Effortless Tote which I think I read some people are looking for. The men's section looked pretty large, too, but I didn't take too close a look. I can't wait to see what other new stuff they received.

NEW! Loop de Lulu Dress

I saw the new Loop de Lulu dress when I was at the South Coast Plaza store. It's an update of the Beat the Heat dress. A woman just posted some photos of it to the This Just In page and reader, Rose, also sent some photos in. Rose comments that the dress is tight in the bust and she had to size up because of it. Tube top style dresses are not my favorite so this will be a pass for me unless it comes in a cute print. I'm also reading there might be a black/black seabed version.

Toothpaste / white
It has ties that you can put around your neck or under your bust

Thanks, Rose, for sending this!
Comes in Toothpaste/White and Pink Mist/Coal
You can tie the straps behind you or bring them up for more support.

NEW!!! Hot Yoga Hobo Bag - Want It!

I was at the new South Coast Plaza store today (which I think will become my favorite store since it's big and  a bit closer to me) and they just got in a new gym bag - the Hot Yoga Hobo bag. I've been on the lookout for a new bag that is a vertical bag (meaning I stack my stuff vertically) kind of like my Lucky bag and I think I've found it. It's got giant pockets that extend the full length of the bag in the front and back side, labeled 'Before' and 'After' to stash your gym clothes. There are three or four small pockets inside and pockets on each end for your water bottle/matt. The version in the photo is a Black Seabed print. It looks very similar to the Bon Voyage Duffle but is much more suitable size for the gym. I don't believe it has a sleeve for your laptop. I love that it has separate pockets for wet clothes because I often bring a change of pants and have a couple of dirty towels after each workout. I think this is what I will spend my $20 credit on but that seems to change with the latest arrivals.  ;-)