Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Rumor - Energy SL Tanks Are Coming Back!

Last year's Run: Energy SL tank in Angel Blue
Just read on one of the boards that the Run: Energy SL tanks are coming back soon. They will be coming in black, gray, blue, and another color the girl couldn't remember. Wonder if blue is Surge blue? There will be no writing on the front - yay. I love the Energy SL and have three of them. I hope one comes in Tango Red.

Upload Thursday Wishes

Once again I am hopeful the Pink Mist Energy bra will show up on line this. However, it hasn't made it to my local stores so I am thinking it won't be uploaded.

This isn't the right color photo but I am hoping the Wren Still shorts I hear are in Canada will also get uploaded. They are not in the US so I am thinking that is a long shot, too.

I think those are about the only two items I really want.

I'm sure the Full Eagle tanks will make an appearance. I already bought this. I love it but not sure that I will keep it.

I would think the Bliss Tanks will also show up. I wasn't a huge fan of them the first time around so they are a pass for me.

The Circuit tanks will most likely be uploaded.

I don't know if the Waltz pant will be uploaded. If so, most likely to the Canadian side and maybe the US. I think this probably looks best on tall, slender types so this will be a pass for me. Though, I might try on at the store.

I think the new Willpower shirt will show up. If I had to choose a short sleeve silverescent shirt, it would be the Energy SS and not this due to the sleeve design.

I think the Power Dance tanks might make an appearance.

I wonder if the Wren Groove pants will show up. They are pretty new so I doubt it.

Also, I hope the US gets the Surge and Wren CRBs that Canada got last week.

Wednesday afternoons have become the day new headwear and Men's items are uploaded so if you are looking for the new cap and visor keep checking it. I saw a ton of new luon headbands at the store this weekend so I think those might hit the website today.

What are looking for?