Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Waltz Pant Photos and Etc.

Waltz Pant and Pure Focus Tank
 New Wunder Under Waistband with Surge and Toothpaste

I have recently been wearing my Wunder Unders around the house and wonder why it took me so long to get a pair and see the light on them. They seem to be made of a lighter weight luon than Grooves and are great for warmer weather workouts.  I can see why lots of people say they like these for spin class. I dug through the piles of them in my stores to find a made in Canada pair but an educator told me some core items are still made in Canada. They don't seem to be pilling at all so if you can, grab the Canadian ones.

Surge Modern Racer tank

A few items were uploaded to the website tonight: The black and snorkel Run: Jog Skirt. Also,  Still Crops in Static Coal. I am still waiting for Wren Still Crops and Shorts to hit the website. Maybe on Thursday.