Friday, May 6, 2011

More Men's Items

Men's Light As Air Short

My husband is in the market for new workout clothes since he's changed sizes. One of his preferences is that his gym shorts have a pocket for his wallet and keys. The Light as Air Short look pretty nice - no weird-colored stripes or blocking with dorky cube designs. Lululemon seems to have eliminated the back zipper pocket, though. That's where he keeps the little locker key but it looks like they've moved it to the side.

I can't say I care for these weird shiny areas on the front of the Tempo Tech SS but I'm not going to be wearing it. As a woman who'd be buying this shirt for my husband or brother, I like the earth tones it comes in - Wren and Soot. This tee is made of silverescent knit. I personally love Silverescent knit for hot days and sweaty workouts. It's very lightweight but rather clingy. I use my long sleeve silverescent knit shirts as a baselayer when skiing. My husband has a couple of silverscent knit tees coming in the mail soon but so far he has only worked out in the perforated Silverescent like found in the Move It Tech. I think that fabric is less clingy. Both fabrics are equally great for sweating in. In typical man-fashion he didn't seem to have much to say about the fabric of his silverscent shirt, either good or bad so I guess he likes it. I am curious to hear his review when he gets his knit silverescent tops. I'm pretty sure it'll be something super helpful, like "it's ok."  ;-)

More Photos of the Latest

I think this is the Coal Full Eagle Tank but it could be the black version. I wonder if the vertical seams are irritating or you can feel them on your tummy.

White and HCWE Bliss Tank.The top part of the tank is luxtreme and the bottom is Tencel.

Pink Mist Mind Over Matter Pullover with the Black Citron Tinted Canvas print Speed Shorts. Love this outfit!

More Circuit Tank and Full Eagle Photos

Circuit Tank in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. It looks pretty cute on this girl. (shown with the Gather shorts)

Full Eagle Tank and Tango Circuit Tank. It looks like I will have to layer another bra under the Full Eagle. I'm thinking the Free To Be.

Photo of the Full Eagle Tank, Bliss Tank, and Willpower Tech SS

The Kingsway store just posted more details on the Full Eagle Tank. It is made of luxtreme. The size range is 4-10. It comes in black, coal, tinted canvas, and grapeseed.  I must get this tank!

New Willpower SS Tech in Tango Red. It comes in sizes 4-12 and also in black and grapeseed.

The Bliss Tank is back again. Here is the Pink Mist version. It also comes in Black and White with with Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. Sizes 2-10.Wi

NEW! Run: Willpower Tech SS Shirt and New Cap Colors

New Run: Willpower Tech SS shirt in Grapeseed. Also, show is the new Surge cap. I think there is a tone on tone print on the cap called Spraydye. The cap also comes in Grapeseed. These are pretty bright caps so I don't know if I will get one. I was kind of hoping for a Wren, Raw Blue, or even Sprinkler Blue.

Photo of the Waltz Pant. It looks so cute on this woman. It is made of luon light.

Black Citron Tinted Canvas Full Eagle Tank Photo - Want It!

The new tank is called the Full Eagle. I think I must have this! I don't care if my boob pops out like in the previous Eagle tank. I am assuming it is made of luxtreme like the old Eagle but not sure since this is a print. I will definitely update when I find out. I am hoping it goes up to a twelve this production run but the old Eagle stopped at a 10 so I think this one might, too. It also comes in black, coal, and grapeseed. (Thanks to Trisha on the TJI board for posting this! This is from a US store)

New! Waltz Pant and Coal Power Dance Tank

New Waltz Pant just hit the US. It looks a lot like the old Jesus pant made of luon light. I remember trying these on but they didn't look so great on me. I was bummed because they look so comfy and airy. Also, I am super clumsy and my feet get caught up in flowing pants like this. I've tangled myself up in the flare of Sneaker Groove pants and almost pitched down my own stairs at home.

Jesus Pant

New Coal and Heathered Blurred Gray Power Dance Tank.

NEW! Surge and Grapeseed Caps, Bliss, & Full Eagle Tanks!

No photos yet but will update as soon as there are. There are are new caps out in Surge and Grapeseed. There are also a couple of new tanks - the Bliss and the Full Eagle. Well, I guess not new, both were out last year. Update - the new Full Eagle is a full length tank this time around. Will update when I have pics.

Bliss Tank from last year
Eagle Tank from last year. This year's is the Full Eagle

Photo of Circuit Tank in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe

Drat you, Heathered Coal Wee Stripe! I think I am done with you and you sucker me back in. I might resist you for the Tango version of this tank, though. I don't have any Tango yet. (Both tanks are paired with It's a Cinch Crops)

NEW! Mind Over Matter Pullover in Pink Mist (UPDATED)

Not exactly sure on the name - this looks like static coal to me but there is only one gray MOM pullover

All right, I know I suckered you in with the title and I don't have a photo of it but in one of my product notice emails there was a listing for the Mind Over Matter Pullover in Pink Mist. As soon as I find a photo, I will update this post. This is the new Dark Classic Sport Gray Mind Over Matter. I saw it in the store the other day and it's really cute. I've loved all the photos of the stripe-y and blurred grays with Tango Red bottoms. In this photo, they show it with Toothpaste Turbo shorts and a Pink Mist CRB.

 Here it is! I like it - must resist.

The back has slightly darker pink panels since they are circle mesh Pink Mist. Will post a photo when I find it.

 Ooo - must be strong. Must resist. This is so cute, though! (Thanks to Sharon for these photos)

If anyone has tried the new Circuit Tank on yet, please let us know. I am very curious to see if they like it.

Black Mind Over Matter Tech SL tank.