Thursday, May 5, 2011

Circuit Tank - Another Photo

Photo of the new Circuit Tank on a bustier woman. It looks pretty hot. I don't know how supportive it will be but it looks really nice on her. I definitely want to try it on. It also comes in Black, Grapeseed, and Heathered Coal Wee Stripe. It has a built in bra.

Lulu Men

So, Lulu, you come out with this really nice looking (coughhotguycough) men's shirt that my husband actually liked and is in a color that doesn't look like it was lifted from the Pottery Barn Kids Catalog girls bedding collection. Then you come out with this:

Ugh! The style is ok but the color scheme? It looks like shirts I used to buy my boys when they were toddlers.


NEW!!! Circuit Tank - Promising

Liking it!!!! It looks like it's made of luxtreme luon light. Not sure if it has a built in bra. It does have a built in bra. Will update with more info. ==> It comes in black and heathered coal wee stripe, too. I assume price will be around $52.

Love the back of this tank. The lumps in the above photo make me think it has an adjustable built in bra. Not sure about the gathers at the side of the bust that continue into the middle of the boob but need to see this on a bustier woman. Luon light isn't super supportive for really busty women so I am thinking I might have to add another bra under this but I think everything I own would show.

Upload Thursday

Wow, couldn't these be called the Get Up and Go crop? I had to copy and paste this name - these are the Dhanurasana crops that were uploaded today.  I didn't buy anything this morning but I am tempted by the Heathered Coal Wee Stripe CRB. I am going to hold off for now since I already have three HCWE tanks and a Modern Racer in a similar athletic-gray looking color but that CRB is calling my name. I am going to resist for now. Oh yeah, what is with the 10 am upload time? No likey. I like it earlier so I can get my shopping out of the way and move on to something else. The Pink Mist Energy Bra did not show up today. I kind of suspected that since it doesn't seem to have hit US stores yet. FWIW, the new Dhanurasana crops look like will fall down my rear, particularly in the photo of the denim wren one. They seem to sit pretty low on the model who does not have as nearly as "well-developed glutes" as me.  ;-) 

Anywhoo, what did you all buy?

A Couple More Photos

This photo illustrates one of the things I didn't like about the Mind Over Matter tank - how much of the front of the armpit was exposed. I think sizing down fixes that a little bit but I prefer my tanks to come up a bit higher in that area.

Toothpaste Turbo Shorts, Toothpaste Swiftly (?) tank, and white Get Up and Go Jacket.

Some Gorgeous Outfit Photos

Toothpaste Swiftly, Citron Energy Bra, Blurred Gray/Toothpaste Inpsires

Citron Energy Bra & Tinted Canvas Print Astro Crops

Coal White Microstripe In Stride Jacket with a Tango Red Tank - Love the gray, red, and black color scheme.

Coal Do It All Shorts, Toothpaste Swiftly, Citron Energy Bra, Coal "Love" Scuba, and Retro Groove Gym Bag

Surge long sleeve Swiftly and Black Seabed Speed Shorts

Grapeseed Totally Totetastic with a Grapeseed Deep Breath and Blurred Gray Stance Pant

I would say this woman has sized down two sizes in the Mind Over Matter tank to get it to fit this snug. I tried it that way, too, yesterday to see if I liked it better. Unfortunately, my poochy mommy tummy was then highlighted in the front.

I also think she has sized down the in the Surge Power Dance tank here, too, otherwise the bottom portion would look more voluminous.

 Forgot this one, I just love this men's shirt.

These photos are from the Easton Town Center Facebook page. Take a look, there are more I didn't post. (Thanks for the heads up, Angela B.)

Upload Thursday Wishes

I hope the upload happens earlier this week than last week. I'd like to make it to the gym tomorrow morning. I don't have too much on my Wish List, just the Pink Mist Energy bra. If a pair of Still Shorts showed up in Wren, I'd get them, too, but other than that I think that is all I really "want."

What is on your wish list?