Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Surge, Flowers, Totes, Silverescent

Closeup of the stitching on the inside of the Surge CRB. Some people like to wear their CRBs inside out to show off the stitching.

I like the pop of Surge (and dang it, the yellow stiching I just poo-poo'd in a recent post) in this pastel outfit - White Get Up and Go jacket, Blurred Gray/Toothpaste Inspire Crops, Toothpaste Swiftly tank, and Surge bra (?).

Surge Swiftly tee - so pretty. Maybe I'll get the tank in this color.

New Wunder Under (top) and Groove pant waistbands.

I love all these poses by spring flower In Philly, this time.

Grapeseed It's a Cinch Crops - look how high the waistband goes. Maybe it was designed with pregnant ladies in mind.

A rare photo of the Coal Strata Stripe side of the Totally Totetastic Tote.

Love the flashes of Tango on this bag.

Love the print run shorts. They looked so cute in the Boston Marathon photos.

Why does the men's line still get regular silverescent instead of silverescent circle mesh like us? I like the look and feel of regular silverescent.

Today's Shopping Trip - Wren CRB Love

I went to the Newport Beach store today hoping to come home with at least the Pink Mist Energy Bra and maybe the Pink Mist Power Dance Tank but instead went home with the Wren CRB. The Newport store did not have the Pink Mist or White Energy bras out and I don't know if they even received them but they are still upacking. I will most likely pick up the Pink Mist Energy bra on this week's upload if it shows up.

I tried on the Pink Mist and Surge Power Dance tanks but decided I could live without another since I already have two Power Dance tanks. (Economic writers worry about Lululemon's "brand fatigue" but I also experience "design fatigue" and like to have a variety of tank styles to wear). I really like the look of Pink Mist space dye and may get the Power Y in that color or maybe the Scoop Neck. I like Surge a lot and will look for other tanks to get in this color. Just like in the web model photo, you can see through the pink mist sheer luon a little bit. I don't think it was truly awful but I prefer more opaque tops. The Pink Mist Space Dye Power Dance bra portion is definitely made of luon, not luxtreme like in the other versions of this tank (no matter what the hang tag says).

Mind Over Matter Tech SL

Last year's Energy SL Tech Tank

I tried on the Mind Over Matter Tech SL in Tango. I love this color in the silverescent circle mesh. However, I'm not a huge fan of the tank. I know many people have said it fits TTS but I thought it fit very roomy and very square through the entire torso - very similar to last year's Energy SL tank or even looser - and very big in the chest such that you probably could size down one size if you aren't super busty. If you are super busty this might be an excellent tank for you. The back racerback portion is very wide and it totally hides the straps of an Energy bra. The shoulder straps are also wider than the Energy SL which I didn't care for on me. I did like the ruffle detail on the back and the ruffles on the front didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It's a nice tank but something about the cut just bugged me. I think I would like it much better if the front shoulder straps were narrower and the waist nipped in a bit more like on the Energy. I probably wouldn't be so picky if I didn't already have two Energy SLs sitting in my closet. It is a very nice lightweight, breathable, and comfortable tank. If you are large busted and looking for a loose fitting lightweight tank for hot summer workouts, I think the Mind Over Matter SL will fit the bill for you.

The neckline of the Tango Mind Over Matter Tech SL has static Tango detailing - very subtle but very cute.

I tried on the It's A Cinch Crops and people are right, it fits very large and there seems to be extra fabric in the crotch area. If you are a person who has a bedonkadonk bottom these might work well for you. Also, if you wish lululemon made size 14 or 16 in bottoms, try the 12. It will probably fit fine. I was really hoping these would feel like my beloved Yoga pant which really hugs your bottom but they don't so these are a pass for me.

Wren CRB with Teak and Anise Headbands
When I've seen the photos of the Wren CRB and MRB I thought the color might wash me out like when I tried on the Wren In Stride. However, the CRB looked really nice against my skin tone, brunette hair and green eyes. This is one of those colors that looks nice with a lot of skin to contrast against.  The photos of the Wren CRB don't really do it justice and if you are at all interested get it.