Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Latest - Wren CRB and More

Photo of the new CRBs. This isn't that interesting except for the Wren one, second from left. It looks a bit brownish to me. I'll have to see if I like it in person.

Close Up of the Coal/White Microstripe In Stride Jacket.

Inside of the Totally Totetastic Tote. You can turn this bag inside out so the print shows.

Cute outfit with the Tootpaste Swiftly tank and matching Blurred Gray Insipre crops. Also, a close up showing the stitching detail around the Toothpaste swiftly. Not a real fan of the yellow (citron?).

A photo showing the new Turbo shorts in action. I know quite a few people have said they don't care for the flare at the leg opening of these shorts.

In some photos the Pink Mist Space Dye looks very pale but it looks really cute here. Cannot wait to see this in person. Hopefully tomorrow if my PTA meeting doesn't run long.

Reading a number of reviews (including Lulumum's) that the leg opening on these shorts may be kind of narrow if you have more athletic legs. Just an FYI if you are thinking of ordering these.

We Made Too Much / Loot Section is Back in Action

Lululemon uploaded some new stuff to the We Made Too Much (or Loot, as it used to be called) section. This is the same stuff that is currently on markdown at the stores. I am tempted by the Retro Groove Gym bag.

Dahlia Scoop Neck Tank

This looks like a new color in the Scoop Neck tank. As soon as I find out the name I'll update.  False alarm - This is Dahlia.

Photos - Push Ur Limits, Tango Red Shorts, Power Dance Tanks, MOM Tech SL

The new gray Push UR Limits looks really cute with Tango Red Shorts. (The other outfit in the Mind Over Matter Pullover and MOM crops)

Mind Over Matter Tech SL In Tango Red. Early reports are that it runs TTS. I'm hoping to try this on tomorrow.

Power Dance Tanks in Black and Pink Mist Space Dye. I'm pretty sure the Pink Mist version has luon on top and the solid colored versions have luxtreme. I am planning on going to the store tomorrow to check them out and will let you know then.

Photo of the Black Mind Over Matter SL and Rumors

Black Mind Over Matter SL Tank

Rumor - Embossed manifesto may be coming back. I love Embossed prints so I hope this rumor is true.

This was the embossed print on an older Shape Jacket I used to own.

A woman in the Lulu This Just In Group posted this from one of her product notice emails. It looks like a new Light Up Tank in Heathered Blurred Gray. I like the look of this tank but the bra portion runs small.

More Photos of the Latest

I'm pretty sure I got the color wrong in my previous posts on this new In Stride, it's Coal/White Microstripe and not Heathered Blurred Gray as I initially labeled it (I couldn't figure out why they'd release two so similar since the HBG already came out with the Tinted Canvas Print in the lulu symbol).

Relaxed Fit crops in Heathered Wren. I wonder if Still crops and pants will come out in Heathered Wren, too, since they were already released in Wren.

It's a Cinch Crops in Grapeseed, shown with the matching Grapeseed LS Swiftly.

I believe both the Tango Red and Grapeseed Totally Totetastic Totes reversed the to the Tinted Canvas Print. I'm growing bored with my gym bags and am so tempted by this tote. I thought they were cute last summer and was hoping to pick up one on markdown but they sold really well and never got one.

The Mind Over Matter line: Top photo shows the new Mind Over Matter SL Tank in Tango Red paired with Mind Over Matter Crops. The bottom adds the Mind Over Matter Jacket. You will be a frilly blur as you run past everyone.

I like this ice blue and black men's shirt. It's the Move It Tech in Marine Blue. My husband has been buying more lulu since he's become a gym rat, dropped a ton of weight, and now fits into their medium. However, he will not pay full price so we've been stalking shirts on eBay which always has the weird pinks and electric orange colors for sale. Father's Day is coming up. Maybe I'll treat him to this shirt.