Sunday, May 1, 2011

Try On Report - Get Up and Go Jacket, Run: the Fastest shorts, Turbo Shorts & the Do It All Short Returns

I stopped by my local Lululemon store today to see if they had the It's a Cinch Crops in yet. They didn't but I tried a few of the new run items on - the Get Up and Go Jacket, the Run: Faster Longer Shorts, and the Turbo Short. I liked the Get Up and Go Jacket a lot. It didn't seem tight in the shoulders on me (as I have read) and seemed a fairly roomy and comfortable jacket. I pantomimed running and there was plenty of roomy for my not-so-small chest (36DD). I also liked the shorter length and that it was roomy but not overly poufy. There are some cute ruffle and gathering details on the jacket but no weird bustle like on the Hustle or Track and Field Jacket. All in all, I think this is a great no-nonsense yet still feminine jacket for running or fitness walking.

My legs are not really short short worthy (I'm working on that) but I wanted to try on the new Run: the Fastest shorts since they are a new longer short with a wider leg opening that Lululemon is offering. I held them up to some Groovy Run shorts that were on markdown in my size and they are about an inch or so longer. I thought they were super comfortable, soft, lightweight, and very roomy compared to the Groovy Run and Turbo shorts. I also tried on the Groovy Runs because I know people are lamenting their retirement. The Groovy Runs have a super comfortable waistband but I don't particularly care for looking of the split leg opening on me. I also tried on the Turbo Short. The fabric on them seemed a bit stiff and I really prefer the feel of the wide waistband on the Groovy Runs. The Turbo Shorts flared out a little at the bottom on me. If I had to pick a short to get it would be the Run: the Fastest since they are the longest and designed for women with more "athletic" thighs and bottom. It's hard to tell whether they will ride up without leaving the dressing room but the early reviews on the Lulu website are very positive on them. I will definitely keep these in mind as I get myself into more shorts-worthy shape.

I also wanted to try on the Bow Tee but they were sold out in the larger sizes and only had three left in black so I think these are pretty popular. Hopefully, they'll get some more in on Monday. I also saw the new Heathered Blurred Gray Scoop Neck but it was only available in the smaller sizes so I'm hoping that shows up later this week, too. I tried on the Black Seabed Lively tee, too. I really like it but am wondering if I should use my $20 credit on it or hold out for something else. Right now, I am leaning towards saving it for something else. I saw the new Bandhas, Embrace, and Salutation crops but it was in the mid-80s here today and I can't get into long tight-fitting crops in hot weather so those are a pass for me. I am thinking about what shorter crops I have to wear to spin tomorrow. I am thinking Biker Grooves or even Clam Diggers with the nice wide and breezy leg opening.

Last year's Do It All Short
These are a photo of last year's Do It All shorts. A woman reports on the The Lulu This Just In board that new longer Do It All Shorts have appeared in her local store. Here is a photo of the new version which has an inseam of about 7" as opposed to last year's 5".

New longer Do It All Short
She reports the fit is similar to the Dance Studio Crop except a smidge looser. I think I will have to put these on my wish list. They are $58 and come in coal, black, wren, and a lighter gray color. You can roll up the cuff to customize the length.

I have to give a shout out to my sister (wearing Lululemon, of course!) and her friend who ran in the Eugene Marathon today. My sister has been having some sciatic nerve issues so she only ran a half today and finished in the top third in her age bracket. Her friend did the full marathon and finished in the top half of her bracket. (My sister also ran in the Corvallis Half Marathon two weeks ago and finished in the top quarter of her bracket.) Congratulations, ladies! My husband has recently started the couch to 5K program so perhaps I will have to start running, too.   ;-)

PS - Lulumum ran in the Vancouver Marathon today, too. Congratulations, Lulumum!