Friday, April 22, 2011

NEW! Surge Scuba

This is from an Australian product notice but it should be here soon - The Surge Scuba. Although I'm not a huge Surge fan for my gym clothes, I like this color in the Scuba a lot. I thought Surge looked similar to Oasis in the store when I was looking at the newest No Limit Tanks but when I searched through my photo files for an Oasis Scuba this is all I could find:

Oasis Scuba
The new Surge version is much cuter.

This is a new Men's Metal Tech Vent Shirt in Stitch. I really would love if they brought this color to the women's line. The shirt looks pretty blue in this photo. Here is an older Stitch shirt made of silverescent:

Photos of Cute Outfits

Interesting color combo - Dahlia Scoop Neck and Heathered Wren Back Bend Crops.

Close up of the Heathered Wren Back Bends.

The Heathered Sand Dune Scoop Neck looks really nice with the Heathered Wren Back Bend crops. I hope more bottoms come out in Heathered Wren luon.

I liked the looks of this casual outfit - Tango Modern Racer, Black Sing Floss Travel Jacket, and Heathered Blurred Gray Still pants. I may have to reconsider not getting a Tango Red MRB or CRB - it adds such a cute pop of color to an outfit.

The print makes it hard to see perpiration in the Black Seabedn Power Y.

The caption to this photo said that the V-Neck Swiftly mades a good top for yoga class. It looks super cute on this woman.

Another interesting color combo - grapeseed Lively tee and Sand Dune Bandhas crops.

Close up of the Bandhas crop

The Grapeseed Scuba is so pretty. It's shown with the Heathered Grapeseed CRB.

Great shot of the back of the Sing Floss Travel Jacket

The view from the back of the Tinted Canvas Pure Focus.

Turbo Shorts in Black Seabed

White Mind over Matter Jacket, shown with the new Turbo shorts.

More Sand Dune and Wren combos - the Sing Floss Travel jacket and Backbend crops.

I like how her Tango Red swiftly makes her stand out in the crowd. (Shown with Mind Over Matter crops)