Friday, April 15, 2011

Shipping Times - Has Yours Changed?

Lululemon is now shipping US orders out of Washington State. The delivery time on my order looks like it will take a full week to get to me. Has yours changed at all? I used to get stuff overnight provided I ordered early enough in the day. This will make website order decisions a lot trickier for me. By the time an item gets to me it's likely to already be in my local stores.  That's the big reason I never ordered from the GEC.  Clothes would usually arrive at my local store before it would get delivered to me. Although, it seems website shipping is taking longer than the GEC. Now I'll be faced with the decision to wait to see if an item shows up at my local stores or order it earlier from the web and then risk a return - because if I see it in the store I'll probably buy it on the spot to fulfill my instant gratification impulses. If the website content lags the local stores I most likely won't be ordering as nearly as much as I used to. If the web gets stuff earlier, I'll probably be doing more returns and I hate having a return hanging over my head. Hmmm.

The Latest - Tango Red Define, Vapor and More

The Tango Red Define jacket has arrived in the US. I'm curious to see the Heathered Sand Dune version. I wonder if there will be a black Seabed version, too.

Tango Red Swiftly Tee and Black Seabed Speed Shorts.

Astros in Tango Red/Blurred Gray and Tinted Canvas Print. Power Ys in Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (last year's version had white accent stitching, this time it's coal) and Tango Red.

New Wunder Unders in Black and Coal blocks of color. I think that like gray color is Vapor and it can be seen in the Tinted Canvas print. The stripe is the Coal/White Microstripe.

Color Coming Back to the Lululemon Website Next Week...

Lululemon recently posted this on their Facebook site:

 Psssttt... I've just got word that Monday is a good day to check back with us for uploads.

Photos - Black and Fruity Tootie Scoop Neck and More

 Photos of the Black and Fruity Tootie Scoop Neck tank (thanks, Cali Lulu Buyers!). Is this a new color or old stock? I don't really recall Scoop Necks with black bodies and colored collars. It's more often the other way around but Fruity Tootie is an older color so it makes me wonder.

A collection of Black Citron Tinted Canvas clothes. I wonder if this print will be uploaded next week since this week's upload was black, gray, and white. The BCTC print is a way for lulu to ease back into offering color.

Cute photo of the Black Seabed It's a Cinch Dress used as a tunic. Shown with a Grapeseed Retro Groove Bag.

NEW Items on the Website!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!

New black, gray, and white items have been uploaded on the website. Hooray!!! Love this white Pure Focus tank. I have also heard there will be a couple of other colors - in grapeseed and gray.

The new Travel Pooch and Bon Voyage Duffle in the Tinted Canvas print have been uploaded. The travel pooch is so cute and I am very tempted but I've already spent so much this month. I must restrain myself.

New Coal and white microstripe CRB and Power Y.

There is a new style in the Swiftly Tee - a V-neck. I am totally tempted by this.

The new Sing, Floss, Travel jacket has been uploaded in Heathered Blurred Gray. I am dying to get this.

Dance Studio Crops in white and black have also been uploaded. Lots of people are excited about these.

There is a white Dance Headband on sale for $9 so that is what I ordered. I swear I saw a girl with a coal microstripe or blurred gray headband in one of the store photos so I was hoping to get that but there are only white headbands right now. So happy the site is back. What did you get?