Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Photo of the New Lilac Power Dance Tank

Reader Leeza sent in a photo of the new Lilac/Lavender Power Dance Tank. It's made of power luxtreme and sheer luon. I totally forgot to take photos of this today when I tried it on. Thanks, Leeza!

NEW! Black Seabed Print Speed Shorts

Now showing up in showrooms in the US, the Speed Shorts in the Black Seabed print. Fellow Lulu Addict, Quincey, models her new pair for us. Looking Lulutastic, Quincey!

More Photos of the Latest

Love this combo of the Wren Relaxed Fit pant and the Savasana Wrap. Lululemon has to reissue Ivory tanks again to go with the Wren. White doesn't do the color justice.

Another pic of the new Mind Over Matter crops.

Cool Racerback in Seaspray. I'm pretty sure Seaspray was out a couple of years ago with Aruba and Caribe. This was at my local store today.

New Sunset Tank in Grapeseed and Heathered Black. I saw this at my local store today but I don't care for this tank on me - it's tight on my hips and the pleats under the bust poof out.

I love the It's a Cinch Dress as a tunic. I've been waiting forever for Lululemon to make a tunic length lightweight top. I hope come out with some long and short sleeve versions, too.

Great photo showing the latest CRBS: Tinted Canvas, white, grapeseed, coal/white microstripe, pink mist/white microstripe (that one is calling my name).

Today's Shopping Trip: It's a Cinch Dress - A Winner!

I went to see what was new at my store today and to get the Violaceous Power Dance Tank. I ended up going home with the It's a Cinch Dress. The Violaceous and the Lilac Power Dance Tanks are the solid versions of the Power Dance with the luxtreme top. I really like the Power Dance tanks, and have two of them from the previous release, but I just don't care for the newest colors on me. Also, I kind of fell in love with the Seabed It's a Cinch Dress and decided to pony up the $78 plus tax for it. It looks super cute as a tunic but a bit Jersey Shore (as a reader commented) as a dress if it's cinched up. I think I will get a lot of use out of this top over the summer. I would love a long sleeve version to use in the cooler months. There wasn't too much new stuff for me to look at today. I saw some new Modern Racers but not in Wren. None of the colors that are out interest me too much. I saw the new Lively long sleeve and it is very similar to the cabin long sleeve but only one layer. It was $68 and only came in white. I like it but it's pretty expensive for what it is. I saw all the new No Limits but the black or coal versions bore me. I really prefer the solid colors and was hoping for a Tango Red or other bright color. I held up the Surge NLT to a pair of Oasis panties and the colors are nearly identical so boo to that. I was hoping Surge would be like the men's Stitch color or Peacock but no such luck. I saw Pink Mist CRBs and Power Ys and it's a very pretty pale pink but I prefer bolder colors for the gym. Although, I am a little tempted to get the Pink Mist CRB for casual wear but I've spent more than enough this month. I was hoping to see the new Heathered Sand Dune and Blurred Gray Define Jackets but it's probably a good thing I didn't. If they wait until next month to hit the US, my back account (and husband) would be happier. I was hoping to try on the new Dance, Floss, Sing jacket and crops but my store didn't receive them yet. I saw the new Scoop Neck dresses but I didn't try them on since I liked the style of the It's a Cinch a little better. I saw the Coal Microstripe CRB but if you already have a Coal CRB you can probably skip this one unless you are a major CRB collector. It looks like Coal from far away. My store had the Tinted Canvas CRBs, too, but I already have the print in a Scoop Neck and don't need it. The store had a Scoop neck in a solid Sailor Stripe version which was very cute. The store did not have the Vinyasa scarves yet but is expecting them.