Sunday, April 10, 2011

Photo of Wren Modern Racer

A good photo of the new Wren Modern Racer. It think it looks darker than my Wren Dance Studio crops and Wren Still pants but it could be the lighting. I hope Lulu brings out Wren Still shorts. I've been wearing my Wren Stills every where lately. Love this color for pants. Not sure about in tops for me.

Photo of Blue Denim Wunder Unders

Reader Aditi was kind enough to send in some photos of her new Blue Denim Wunder Under crops. I saw these in a few product alerts emails this week but all of them used photos of black wunder unders. I swear Lululemon had blue denim pants out a few years ago but I might be confusing them with black denim. Can anyone remember?

The new Blue Denim Wunder Unders - these look like a very dark blue

Aditi modeling for us - looking good!

From a few years ago - Blue (or maybe Black?) Denim Groove pants

Let us know if you see blue denim wunder unders in your local store. They could be like the Silver Luon Wunder Unders I saw in Carlsbad that never made it to my local stores - just popping up in random stores to see how they do.