Friday, April 1, 2011

More Photos of the Latest

This is probably the darkest version I've seen of the Tinted Canvas Scoop Neck - it's all black and citron and super pretty.

Example of the Pranayama on a bustier woman. Better try some twists and bends before bringing this home.

 The Energy Bra also comes in Tango Red - that makes four colors for it - Citron,Black, Grapeseed, and Tango Red. Has anyone tried these yet?

Photos of the Latest - Deep Breath Tank, Energy Bra, Pranayama Bra Details

The new Deep Breath tank. I think this is an update of the Deep V. It has extra elastic in the straps, like the Push UR Limits, for more support. Hmmm. I think I have to put this on my wish list now.

Energy Bra in Grapeseed

Pranayama Bra Closeups

More New Arrivals

Mind Over Matter Pullover in Black

Three new scoop necks are coming out - solid Tango Red, Grapeseed/Heathered Grapeseed and Heathered Sand Dune/Sand Dune Wee Stripe.I bet the Heathered Sand Dune looks really nice with Wren bottoms. I'll update as soon as I can find more photos.

 Forgot to add the Tinted Canvas Pranayama bra

NEW! Long Sleeve Swiftly Colors

New long sleeve swiftlys in Tango Red and Grapeseed.

NEW!!! Deep Breath Tank

The Athletic Deep V
Origami Deep V - cleavagetastic!

Lululemon has re-created the Deep V and called it the Deep Breath. I don't know the name of it yet but I will call it the Deep V-ish tank for now.  The cross-over front is a very flattering cut for most women but I am afraid in this version it is too open and show way too much cleavage. I will give it a try but I am not super hopeful. The Tango Red version looks super pretty with this woman's coloring.