Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Items - Heathered Coal Wee Stripe CRB, Quited Wunder Unders

Heathered Coal Wee Stripe (HCWE) is back. Did this come out in a CRB last time? I can't remember. I bought the Power Y in it but I don't remember it in a CRB. Since I already have three HCWE tops this will be a pass for me.

I forgot to mention that I saw the Coal Strata Stripe Stride jacket in the stores yesterday. I think this is old stock but I can't be sure if they are re-releasing this pattern.

Wunder Under Grooves - Summer Quilt 1

Lululemon Model Photo of the Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB

Here is the official web model photo of the Sand Dune Static Black Wee Stripe CRB. It looks so pretty in this photo.

Tango Red with Older Prints

Reader Patty sent in some photos of her new Tango Red In Stride jacket with some of her tanks. Here it is with the older Fat Bird Floral print in Alarming. It looks really nice together.

Here it is with the Red Roses (I don't know the formal name of this print) print. This is one my favorite older prints - very dramatic. I dithered over getting this print and they so rarely show up on ebay.

Photos of the Iconic Wrap

Here are a couple of good photos showing the details on the Iconic Wrap.