Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's Upload - A Few Goodies

Well, it was there briefly but now sold out, but the Iris and Striped Aura Pullover was uploaded today. I briefly considered getting it but $68 seems a bit steep.

Black Dance Studio Crops were uploaded. I tried these on but decided one pair of Wrens was enough for me.

The pretty long sleeve Swiftly in Clarity Gra/Lilac Snow and Classic Sport Gray/Black were uploaded.

The Violaceous Scuba was uploaded, too. I wonder why the Snorkel version wasn't also uploaded.

Oooh, the Sprinkler Pace setter pullover was just uploaded. I think this upload is better than last week's. I like this one a lot but I've spent so much this month I will hold off on this.
 Oooh, the Iris and Snorkel Pacesetters also showed up. I put the Iris in my bag but restrained myself from ordering it. I am so tempted, though.

 The black Run: Jog Skirt was also uploaded. Better get one quick. Jog skirts are selling out in hours, if not minutes.

So far, no new tanks.

What did you get today?