Monday, March 21, 2011

New Color in CRBs - Disco

Summer 2009 Palette - with Disco
An reader points out that Disco is a color from the Summer 2009 palette. Here is the palette. Drats! I think my local store is out of the Disco CRB in my size. Hmmm. May have to take a trip down there tomorrow or Wednesday.

Summer 2010 Palette - with Senorita Pink

Photos of the Latest: Jog Skirt, Push UR Limits, Pacesetter Pullover, and More

Violaceous Push UR Limits paired with the Unicorn Tears Jog Skirt. The Jog Skirt looks really snug and short in most of the photos I have seen. Does anyone have it yet? It looks like it would ride up.

Coal/CSS Version of the Jog Skirt

 Love this Black and Classic Sport Gray Version of the Swiftly

My favorite long sleeve swiftly so far - Iris and Clarity Gray

Close Up of the No Show Sock - $14 is rather steep for me to pay for socks

Static Snorkel Pace Setter Pullover (shown with the Record Breaker Crops)

Men's Game On Boxer Briefs - the top pair are wild

Photos of the Latest: Gray Unicorn Lively Tee, Wren Lulu Pant, UT Push, Record Breaker Crops

Lively Crewneck Tee in Gray Unicorn Tears

I really like the gray Unicorn Tears Lively Crewneck Tee. I'll have to see if my store gets it this week.

Lulu Pant in Heathered Wren. I can't tell you how much I like my Wren Still Pants. Wren is a win for me.

Record Breaker Jacket in Snorkel Blue.

Snorkel Blue and Violaceous Lively Tees

White/UT In Stride Jacket with UT Jog Skirt

White/UT In Stride Jacket with UT Push UR Limits Underneath

I really like the White/Unicorn Tears In Stride the best of all the In Strides released to date but I am death on white jackets. It's totally cute, though.

Unicorn Tears Push UR Limits - I am just not loving this version of the Push UR Limits from the photos. I still want to try it on, though.

Unicorn Tears All Sport

UT Scoop Neck Shown with new Record Breaker Crops

Unicorn Tears Record Breaker Crops