Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunset Tank Try On Report

My son had an early morning soccer game today down in south Orange County so I was able to stop by the Irvine Lululemon on the way home to try on the Sunset tank and see the new run line arrivals. He wasn't really thrilled to be dragged shopping so I tried to hurry while at the store and forgot to check out the Record Breaker crops. I did try on the new Sunset tank. For some reason I thought this tank was made from silverescent circle mesh but it isn't. The top portion is luxtreme and the bottom is circle mesh. I had to try on a size down from my normal size but the top portion wasn't overly tight so I think the tank is geared for bustier women. However, the bottom really hugged my hips and made the pleats and tummy part poof out. Now that I look at the photos I've collected of the Sunset tank, it seems like the bottom may be kind of snug around the hips even if you are in your right size. Maybe not if you're built like the web model, but it is hugging the hips in the women in the above photos and I can't say the upper portion of the tank looks too tight on any of them. So, I think if you are curvy and tend towards a pear-shape this tank won't work for you. Or, maybe it will work for you, if you don't mind the pleats poofing out. I didn't care for it on me, but YMMV.

The Dream - girl on the top, boy on the bottom (that's a line from 30 Rock if you are thinking I have completely lost my marbles)
The Irvine store also had the new Push UR Limits in Snorkel and Violaceous. They also had a couple of Snorkel Blue Pace Setter Pullovers in a 10 and 12. They had the new White and UT In Stride Jacket which is pretty but white jackets don't work for me. I was hoping they also got the Disco CRB in like the Newport store but they didn't. I was all prepared with my Senorita and Fruity Tootie headbands to compare to Disco but no luck.

Anywhoo, I am looking forward to seeing what new items hit the stores this week. I was able to find a Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck tank in my size on Friday so I don't have a huge burning desire to buy something new but I might have picked up the Disco CRB if Irvine had had it. I had visited the Newport store on Wednesday after spin class to see if they got the UT Scoop Neck but they didn't have it. I did end up getting a Violaceous Dance headband that day, though. On Friday I drove down to the Laguna Showroom to see if they had it by any chance. The ladies there were very nice but the showroom is very small and had a lot of older stuff (like the Senorita and Static Coal Power Y and Oasis Swiftly tanks from the summer). I was kind of surprised how old the stuff was because when I visited the Tucson showroom this summer they had a lot of new stuff. I stopped by the Newport store on the way back from Laguna just in case someone returned a UT Scoop Neck and it turned out they had one. I have never had to hunt down a tank like this before but I think this was a case of the size twelve arriving after the bulk of sizes showed up. I had thought it was weird that both Irvine and Newport were sold out of the twelve. Irvine only had a couple of UT Scoop Neck tanks left at the store today so it's definitely popular.