Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Photos of the Latest - UT Push, Aura Jacket, Aura Pullover, Modern Racer

Aura Jacket on a variety of body types
This girl looks so cute in the Aura Jacket.

I really think I want to give the Aura Pullover a try if it shows up tomorrow. It looks so comfy but is rather slouchy so it would be for around the house only.

The Unicorn Tears Push in real life. It looks rather short on her so I assume she's pretty tall.

 This photo mainly shows the Aura Jacket but I really like the looks of the heathered Iris wee stripe (or whatever it is) Modern Racer underneath. I might have to get that one.

NEW! Jog Skirt, Biker Groove Short is Back, Violaceous Record Breaker Jacket, and More

Official photo of the Violaceous Push UR Limits. I love this. I think I love it more than my Potion Purple. It'd be stupid to get this and then sell my Potion, wouldn't it? Also coming in Snorkel and Unicorn Tears. This is the kind with the adjustable bra with the hooks. I wonder if these will show up tomorrow. They just hit Northwestern stores in the US today.

New Jog Skirt in Unicorn Tears. Also coming in Snorkel/Black, Coal/Coal Strata Stripe. You would think there would be a violaceous one, too.

  • All the technical properties of a running short with all the freedom of a skirt
  • Lightweight & wicking swift fabric with 2-way stretch
  • Inherently wicking luxtreme™ fabric liner with sticky elastic at hem, stops shorts from riding up
  • Smooth, wide waistband
  • Continuous drawcord won't come out in the wash
  • Storage! Secure back zipper pocket & 2 gel pockets on the front
  • Chafe-resistant - flat seams
  • sizes 4-10
Record Breaker jacket is coming in Violaceous. Not sure about any other new colors.

 New white In Stride Jacket with Unicorn Tears print insert. I think this one is super cute.

The  Biker Groove short is back. It comes in black and Unicorn Tears. I have these and use them for spin in warmer weather.

NEW! Push UR Limits in Violaceous and Snorkel

It looks like there are new Push UR Limits coming out in solid Snorkel and Violaceous. I was really liking the Violaceous one and thinking I'd add it to my wish list when I remember I already have one in Potion Purple. However, the Violaceous one is totally gorgeous. 

It's weird they are releasing another Snorkel Push so soon. Didn't they just have one in Snorkel with Snorkel microstripe straps? It makes sense that one was uploaded to Loot last week.
Snorkel with Snorkel Microstrap Push UR Limits

Tomorrow's Upload

I am looking for a Unicorn Tears Scoop Neck Tank tomorrow. I've been to two stores and they were both sold out of my size in this so I hope to pick it up tomorrow.

I would think the Unicorn Tears Power Y will show up tomorrow, too.

 I'd be very suprised if the Unicorn Push UR Limits showed up but you never know.

I'm pretty sure the Aura Jacket will show up. It seems to be in all the stores. I saw a woman wearing it at Fashion Island and it looked cute on her. It was the black one and she had the black side showing.

I might consider ordering this tomorrow provided it's not insanely expensive. It hasn't hit my local stores yet so I don't know if it will show up tomorrow.

I'm sure the Pure Focus tanks will show up tomorrow since they are in all the stores. I wore mine to spin class today with a Free to Be bra under it and it rode up a little with the motion but stayed put once I pulled it way down. I bought the black and it looks really sharp with my black Pure Balance jacket. I tried the Violaceous one on again today and am considering getting that one, too, but we'll see.

I wonder if the new Modern Racers will show up. I really like the one I have but am not as thrilled about the Violaceou and Snorkel. I would prefer this tank in lighter colors.

Not sure if the new Lively Tees will show up. They are not in my local stores yet.

We should see the Dance Studio jacket tomorrow. I wonder what price it will show up at. The price tags have a white repricing sticker on them at $128 but if you peel it off the printed tag says $118.

I wonder if the new Record Breaker crops will show up.

I'm sure the Energy SS will also show up. I really like the Violaceous version and really hope an Energy tanks comes in that color, too.
I am hoping the Sunset Tank shows up but I've never had much luck with the Scoop Neck/Back shape. It tends to fall off my shoulders and I have to size down to get it to stay. I've only seen this tank mentioned in Canadian product alerts so I think it won't be uploaded.

What are you looking for tomorrow?